Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Episode II: A New Threat

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Episode II: A New Threat
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Brief Synopsis:
The second episode of my Clone Wars Movie Series. Seven episodes of the TV series (Cloak of Darkness, Lair of Grievous, Death Trap, Lethal Crackdown and the Malevolence Trilogy) are presented in the classical Star Wars movie structure.

Carrying on from Episode I, the Clone Wars continue to rage. Republic forces have captured Viceroy Gunray and it is up to Luminary Unduly and Ahsoka Tano to escort this valuable prisoner to Coruscant. Meanwhile, the Seperatists continue to ambush Republic fleets with a deadly new battleship. Can this new weapon be stopped before Count Dooku's forces take control of the outer rim?
The Clone Wars movie and TV series was a great addition to Star Wars canon. However, it had a lot of filler, was often very child-orientated and had villains that were less than threatening. I wanted to create a movie series that stuck to the Star Wars movie structure while also stripping out the filler, removing the childish elements and creating threatening villains.
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  • Digital
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Deleted Scenes
(Available on Blu-Ray version only)
Cuts and Additions:
Classical Star Wars opening and crawl.
Lateral space pan to opening scene.

Cloak of Darkness and Zillo Beast are intercut.
Death Trap and Lair of Grievous are intercut.
Extra Malevolence scenes manufactured and put early in the movie, to give a better impression of a continuous story.

Cloak of Darkness
Cut exterior close-up shot of Jedi Cruiser.
Cut Ahsoka "Finally, it's been such a boring trip".
Cut Ahsoka "he doesn't look that dangerous".
Cut Scene where Dooku and Sidious discuss Gunray's Capture and Ventress is despatched to resolve the problem.
Cut Ahsoka threatening Gunray.
Cut Ahsoka "But" when asked to guard the Viceroy.
Cut part of scene where Ventress sets the charges including clones talking to the droid.
Cut Ahsoka/Ventress dialogue - removes any evidence that hey have met before.
Cut Ventress "Skywalker's not here to save you".
Change Luminara "Ahsoka" to "padawan" as Ahsoka attempts to jump down the lift shaft.
Cut Ahsoka dialogue talking about Luminara not knowing what Ventress is capable of and move next Ahsoka/Argeyuss scene forward to replace it.
Re-score scene where Luminara is looking for Ventress with "Qui-Gon's Noble End".
Cut scene where Luminara and Ahsoka find the droid in the rubble.
Cut Ahsoka "we'll take her together".
Cut Anakin "it's okay snips".
Cut Ahsoka/Luminara goodbye scene.

Zillo Beast
Included are the scenes up to the appearance of the Zillo Beast.
Opening battle scene has introductory dialogue removed and added battle effects and re-scored using "The Clones".
Cut initial dialogue of the doctor.
Add in dialogue of Mace "this is a mistake".
Add in dialogue of Palpatine "i did not take this decision lightly master Jedi".
Remove Battle Droid "oh no" before bomb detonates.
Reduce length of bomb detonation sequence.
Combine multiple scenes to discuss the failure of the bomb, have the treaty signed and for Palpatine to send Mace and Anakin in search of the Malevolence.
Add in manufactured Malevolence scene of it destroying a Republic fleet - brings the Malevolence I tot he story and ties with Anakin And Mace being sent to search for it. Scored using "Ion Canon".

Death Trap
Shorten opening cruiser approach scene.
Remove Clone Cadet scene aboard the cruiser.
Recut scene to make it appear that Anakin and Mace are boarding the ship, not the clone cadets.
Add in scene from a Cloak of Darkness where Anakin, Luminara and Ahsoka discuss re-capturing Gunray.
Cut scene where Cadets use the gun turret.
Alter initial Boba/Aura communication scene - remove reference to Boba's name, and replace with call name "traitor".
Cut clone telling Boba he's lying.
Cut "lets show these troops how the clone youth brigade rises to the challenge.
Cut cadets talking about a seppie attack.
Cut Admiral dialogue "I won't have it, Killian out".
Cut Boba "But what about the crew, it's not about them only Mace".
Cut Aurra "If you want Windu dead, do as I say".
Cut Boba "I couldn't help it Aurra".
Cut Aurra "They're living witnesses honey"
Cut Boba "That was never part of the plan, I just want to kill the Jedi who murdered my father".
Cut Aurra "Well that will have to wait, grow up. You'll get your revenge in time. Or you can go with your friends who I'm going to jettison into the unknown".
Cut Boba hesitating to press the release button and Aurra "Do it!".

Lair of Grievous
Cut Ahsoka "Good Hunting".
Cut Gunray "Double shifts for everybody".
Cut battle droid "Errrr" and "they're right behind you".
Cut Gunray "What.... Where?"
Cut Battle droid "Have you ever killed a Jedi". "No". "Me neither."
Cut Battle droid "Don't even think about it Republic dogs".
Cut Fisto "at the first sight of us he would have run like the coward he is".
Cut Grievous "You expect victory over Jedi, but all you give me is battle droids".
Cut Grievous "Gore where are you".
Cut Doctor "Don't be upset with me master, if you were a better fighter we wouldn't be having this conversation. Look what you let those Jedi do to you, you're a walking scrap pile. It gong to take me forever to get you back into decent shape. I'll go fetch your spare parts."
Cut Killian scene telling the Cadets to get into the escape pods as a drill practice.
Cut "Lucky, stay with the group".
Move escape pod launch scene to after Anakin discusses abandoning ship.
Cut Cadets "We missed the rendezvous"
Cut scene where Mace and Anakin tell the Admiral he must abandon ship and Killian refuses.
Cut scene where clone cadets discuss the pod malfunction and being lost.
Cut Grievous "It has been prepared for uninvited guests like you".
Cut Grievous scene sending Gore to attack the Jedi.
Prolong the Grievous evil laugh to aid scene transition.
Cut doctor "your armour patches are getting cold and I do have other things to do"
Move Gore scene to after Grievous is repaired.
Trim down Jedi v Gore scene.
Cut Grievous "playing with" and "Gore!".
Cut doctor "In your condition you need to rest".
Cut Grievous "I'll rest when the Jedi are dead".
Cut Nahdar "you were right master".
Cut Doctor "The uninvited guests".
Cut doctor "How exciting".
Cut Fisto "Is that you?"
Cut Grievous "The Jedi Fisto Escaped"
Replace Dooku "so there is room for improvement" with "return to the Malevolence immediately".
Add evil Grievous laugh.
Cut scene of Fisto and Jedi Council.

Lethal Trackdown
Delete scene of bounty hunters discussing the hostages and needing proof of Windu's death.
Add Aurra "Bossk, fire up Slave 1".
Cut all scenes where he bounty hunters return to the wrecked cruiser to look for Windu.
Cut R2 firing oil at the gundark.
Cut Mace "I thought your astrometry was supposed to call for help, not take off and leave us here".
Alter Bossk's dialogue from basic to Trandoshan and add subtitles.
Cut Bossk "We've knocked out his communications" and "You've got one shot at this kid".
Cut Boba "Which one".
Cut scene where R2 returns to the Jedi Temple.
Insert second scene of Malevolence destroying a Republic ship.
Insert scene from R2 come home where Anakin and Mace discuss Boba and Anakin is after revenge - alter Plo Koon dialogue to "we have received a transmission from our fleet along the Hydian Way".
Insert Jedi council scene using multiple clips and audio, including 2 audio lines from Clone Wars cartoon.

Rising Malevolence
Cut Dooku "this will be a suitable test for our new weapon".
Cut Kenobi "the separatists are being unusually tidy".
Cut scene where Kenobi finds out from Austen that Anakin has redeployed himself.
Cut Ahsoka "R2 set the scanner, modulate for incoming mystery weapons".
Cut Plo Koon "that signal is weak".
Cut Battle Droid "go get them boys", "let's cut this can open" and "there they go".
Cut Ahsoka "I think someone noticed we're gone.
Cut Battle droid "let's finish the job", "what's a Jedi doing out here" and "time to put the squeeze on them".
Cut Anakin "patience we're trying to boost the power, hang on".
Cut battle droid "what the...".
Change Ahsoka "R2ooey" to "R2".
Cut clone "general, this is another fine mess we've gotten into".
Cut Plo Koon "your sense of humour is improving".
Cut Medical droid dialogue.
Cut Ahsoka "you forgot, we turned him off".
Cut Ahsoka "we're clear".
Cut closing scene.

Shadow of Malevolence
Cut clone "the head clanker, Skywalker is getting pretty ambitious".
Cut clones aggressive chatter.
Cut Anakin "I so enjoy your company my padawan".
Cut Ahsoka "only General Grievous would go after clones who can't fight back".
Cut Ahsoka "I had a feeling you would be coming along. Your ship has already been prepped".
Cut Ahsoka "I know R2ooey, this is gonna be a tough one".
Cut Anakin "Cut the chatter Ahsoka".
Cut Grievous "I want to get there before too many wounded clones escape".
Cut Ahsoka "Does anyone care what the Padawan thinks" and "thanks R2ooey".
Cut Anakin "Of course we care snips, but we're still going through that nebula".
Cut Ahsoka "Right now I can't see anything at all".
Cut Clone "I know where I'm going... I'm going to blow up that battleship".
Cut Plo Koon "A clear path if ever there was one".
Cut "Ahsoka "so sky guy".
Cut Ahsoka "Those gas gulpers are huge" and "They'll panic, I'm about to panic".
Cut Battle droid "but Sir, the fighters will be caught in the blast".
Cut scene where Shadow squadron checks in after initial battle.
Cut scene on medical base discussing the loss of half the bombers.
Cut Battle droid "I have a bad feeling about this".
Cut Battle droid "station has been targeted".
Cut Grievous "Start the Ion canon acceleration".
Re-score scene where Kenobi's fleet arrives to add more tension using "The First Battle".
Cut Anakin "the battle was pretty rough on my men. We're heading for the medical station".
Move final scene of Anakin and Ahsoka aboard the medical station to the end of the movie.

Destroy Malevolence
Cut Battle droids & Grievous discussing the state of the Malevolence.
Cut Padme "This isn't right".
Cut scene of Grievous using internal ship transport.
Cut Plo Koon "There he goes again, craving adventure and excitement".
Cut Ahsoka "You get used to it".
Cut Battle Droid "Looks like the engines are set to destroy themselves" and "hey, that's just rude".
Cut scene where battle droids attempt to put out the ship fire.
Cut Kenobi "oh, brilliant. Let's get going".
Cut scene where Grievous walks back to the bridge.
Cut scene where Battle droids talk about a ship docking at the emergency airlock.
Cut Battle droids "I knew it, it's them...... Oh no".
Cut Ahsoka "That's my master".
Cut battle droid "we don't know, we didn't catch it in time".
Cut battle droids "Shoot...... No, wait......I knew that was a bad idea".
Cut 3PO "someone stop this contraption please..... I suppose I did ask for that".
Cut battle droid "that was impressive".
Cut battle droids jumping off the ledge and missing the train.
Cut battle droid "I guess repairs are finished, prepare to charge up the hyperdrive".
Cut battle droid "you heard the general".
Cut Padme "beginner's luck".
Cut 3PO "Excuse me general, but R2 says the enemy ship's hyperdrive is activating".
Cut Anakin "don't worry about it".
Cut battle droid "Quick, reset the navicomputer".
Cut Dooku "have you made your escape yet".
Cut Battle droid "We're gonna die, abandon ship".
Insert end scene from Shadow of Malevolence at end of movie, scored with "The Rebel Fleet".
Cover art by smudger9 (DOWNLOAD HERE)

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An improvement over episode 1 that achieves exactly what t sets out to do. The fast past and believably threatening villains create another exciting and entertaining Star Wars adventure.

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Overall rating
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I liked this edit better than the first one. While the first one was a basic introduction episode to the Clone Wars, this episode builds on the themes of the previous one and gets deeper into it. We saw in Army of the Republic how people viewed armies. There were people who thought the soldiers were just disposable, only mildly better than droids for their strategic and critical mindsets. Others like Shaak Ti saw the clones as people, and gave importance to their empathic, emotional ability, and their sense of teamwork and honor. The view was quite black and white but still compelling enough.

In A New Threat, we go deeper into the minds of the fighting sides. Now it isn’t simply about fighting bad guys together but saving those we love. People criticize Last Jedi for Rose’s lines about this, but corny and spoon-fed (maybe even weakly executed) as the scene may have been, it stuck to the core of what Star Wars is all about. This is clearly seen in A New Threat.

We see what the villains think in the Cloak of Darkness section. All they want is money, power, and control. They don’t care about saving lives, all they want is self gratification. Next in Lair of Grievous we get into the mindset of the Jedi and we see that things are not so black and white. We see Kit Fisto’s apprentice being very aggressive towards and easily provoked by Grievous, and giving into that kind of hate costs him his life. It’s not about fighting those we hate...

In the Boba Fett sections we see that Anakin and Mace are concerned about saving clones, and there is this “no one is left behind” mindset that is reversed when they are in trouble and the other Jedi have to save them. Thematically, Boba is fighting the person he hates, and causes chaos for that. Mace Windu’s response to Anakin about doing nothing about Boba and not seeking him out is the orderly way to do it and ties into this theme well. It is an interesting contrast to how Mace acts in Revenge of the Sith, basically fighting what he hates and trying to kill him, showing hypocrisy with both the Jedi Code and himself (a new character layer not seen before) causing Anakin to completely lose faith in the Jedi and betraying them.

I also can’t stop thinking how this is an interesting contrast to how Mace murdered Jango in AotC causing Boba to cause more damage in the future. Sure he did it because it’s war, but as he said, “We’re keepers of the peace, not soldiers” and fighting a war is not a very balanced thing, necessary as it was. I think it was these kinds of complications of morality and necessary ruthlessness that caused the Jedi in the Prequels to get even more hypocritical and corrupt than they already were, and I love how The Clone Wars subtly explores that. I personally think that the omitted episode “Lethal Trackdown” was also exploring this, especially at the end when Mace is left reflecting on how his brash and imbalanced way he killed Jango because it was war caused more chaos and the loss of lives. It’s great, but plot wise it was the right decision for the editor to omit that. I personally like to view that episode as a bonus to this fanedit, despite the inconsistencies.

Finally, the differing plotlines with one common theme all converge in the awesome Malevolence arc, with the plots having to do with deciding whether or not to save the left behind clones (with the much memed but very compelling “-We’re meant to be disposable -Not to me” exchange), saving an entire medical center from the very evil that threatens the place that save people, and saving Padme from within the Malevolence before it is destroyed. I loved the third act of the movie simply because or this convergence of thematic depth.

The flow was overall still a little slow for me, especially when Padme came in out of nowhere and there were added stakes which I didn’t really feel as well as the medical center part—it just felt redundant and too much plot-wise. However I forgave it because it tied into the themes very well. The villains just kept making things difficult for the good guys, and the Jedi had to decide to make a quick rescue and risk everything in the end. In the end, I have mixed feelings about the actual climax that included Padme, but it worked. However, the overall edit I thought was paced and flowed a lot better than Army of the Republic, so I guess it balances out.

A New Threat is a great edit that improves on the very good Army of the Republic. Can’t wait to see Episode III, Children of the Force!
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Perfect way to watch the clone wars series with all the fluff removed and as its now canon in Disneys books all the more reason to watch Smudger9s versions. Perfect editing nice work Smudger9 Keep it up look forward to the upcoming and future episode.

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars tells a universal story of war between good and evil, and in that turmoil the daunting challenge to not become that-which-you-fight in Anakin's efforts to stop the Dark Side. A scope that cries out for feature-length presentation on the big-screen.

Smudger9 continues the daunting task of condensing multiple episodes and storylines into coherent movies.

If you haven't the time to watch the feature film plus 6 seasons, settle in with Smudger9's movies instead.
If you want to find out why (and how) the clones turned on the Jedi, insert these Clone War stories in your Star Wars movie line-up.
If you enjoy animated Star Wars and are sad that Rebels is ending, watch Smudger9's Clone Wars.

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(Updated: October 30, 2017)
Overall rating
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My favorite of smudger9s edits. A totally streamlined, exciting film that makes good use of the fanedit phenomenon. The plot isnt as episodic as some of the others in this series, but the real achievement here is the further, more intriguing development of Anakin as a worthwhile center weight. With the photorealism that f/x are taking on nowadays, how bout just replacing Hayden in the prequels with our Clone Wars Anakin? I think i could utterly enjoy the prequels without irony if such a move, however weird, was made.

I groan every time the battle droids speak (ummmm....sir...., etc. etc), but thats a fix for the really uber-detailed, masochistic editor. In terms of story, and commitment to character, i highly and absolutely recommend this one. Whether it was intentional or limited by the editing choices given, that final scene, with Anakin, R2D2, and Ahsoka, is incredibly moving. Note no Padme for the final moment (and she could have been there). There is a simple, austere sense of accomplishment and relationship here among the heroes that really matter to this chapter. And I found myself, again, moved by the power of realizing THIS Anakin is fated to the Dark Side. It's an Anakin worthy of the title of "hero". Can you imagine his final battle with Obi-Wan played out in animated Clone Wars movie? Chills thinking about it, THIS Anaking getting his legs cut off and left for dead, THIS Anakin getting the helmet put on, etc.

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