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(Updated: December 13, 2017)
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Smudger9 has done what I had previously thought impossible: He made the earlier parts of The Clone Wars TV series into an enjoyable viewing experience. I have frequently expressed my deep-seated hatred for the beginning of the series, and was really surprised by what was done in this wonderful edit. I'll go through my favorite things about the edit before I get to my minor complaints.

-What I really like in this edit is how smudger9 took multiple arcs and was able to mesh them into a single cohesive story.
-I found myself much more attached to characters (specifically the clones of Domino Squad) due to his editing.
-Some really awful story arcs were cut (Jabba's son, anyone?)
-Ashoka wasn't pushed to the front. While I have nothing against her, she wasn't important to the story of this edit and would've detracted from the plot.
-Most of the editing was extremely well done. It was barely noticeable mostly.

-There were a couple of points where you could tell a conversation had been modified. It would have a slightly noticeable visual and audio glitch when it happened. However, it was rare.
-There was a poor ratio of action vs. character development, but I can understand this since most of the character development happens in cut story arcs. However, it would've been nice if a little more could've been preserved.

All in all, a wonderful edit that created a movie worthy of any Star Wars collection.

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