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Thank you smudger9. This is the only way I could really bring myself to watch through Star Wars: The Clone Wars so I have no real point of reference, only to say that it feels very well edited and paced. It feels like a family friendly Star Wars film with a lot of kiddy content left out which I'm really grateful for.

The story itself wasn't anything to write home about. The clones were all super cringe, but that's not at all the fault of the editor. The writing, art direction and voice acting just made me really dislike all the clones. Given what you had to work with, it's amazing you could salvage a watchable story about them at all.

It's a shame that you lost the working files of the 5 movies you had worked so hard on. I really hope that you or someone in this community is able to complete the saga one day. For now I will continue to enjoy and offer my thanks.

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