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I used to love watching Adam Sandler's movies, despite the Sandlerisms. At the core, many of them tell a compelling story, and I always hoped to have the time and skill to trim the bad jokes, bad acting, excessive vulgarity, and pointless scenes in order to keep the good parts. Well, Bobson Dugnutt got closer than I expected with this edit, and I truly applaud him for that.
Technically, this edit is flawless. I'm not sure I even need to write that, but just in case. Thematically, it is very good - the plot is streamlined and there are significantly fewer cringe worthy moments. I also love the way the movie ends now - it makes a lot more sense.
However, I think more crude and vulgar moments could have been trimmed easily to improve the result - such as most (if not all) the scenes involving the neighbours' kid.
All in all - a wonderful edit, but I would've cut out even more.

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