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Click: Fast Forward
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What if you had a universal remote... that made Adam Sandler tolerable?
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Brief Synopsis:
Michael Newman is a workaholic architect finds a universal remote that allows him to fast-forward and rewind to different parts of his life. But not everything lasts forever as Michael is about to find out, when the remote control begins to malfunction, causing Michael to deal with the consequences.

Click: Fast Forward is an edit that aims to fast forward through all the “Sanderisms” that plague Adam Sandler’s films and subsequently this one. Eleven minutes of bad and unfunny jokes, writing, acting has been cut from the film, presenting a more focused story with real heart and stakes.
To strip the film of the worst jokes including fart jokes, dog humping jokes, oral sex jokes, general sex jokes, unfunny improv, product placements and overall terrible jokes or badly timed gags.
Additional Notes:
There are two versions of this edit avalible. My preferred version of the edit (whose cutlist is provided below) and a Purist Cut which keeps in a few more jokes without the new ending and an overall lighter tone.
Other Sources:
- Click Blu-Ray (2006)
- Cllick:: Original Soundtrack by Rupert Gregson-Williams (2006)
- Linger - The Cranberries (1993)
- Hold the Line - Toto (1978)
Special Thanks:
rb and Masirimso17 for previewing a workprint and providing inital feedback.
Release Information
Cuts and Additions:
- cut "don't ask for the bathroom" assistant joke #1
- cut the itchy ear gag from Prince Hubeeboo
- cut kid crying "Is he really my dad" after Michael jokingly says he might be
- cut the same kid crying that "I hate that man" as Michael chases the teenagers
- cut scene one of Sandler's regulars, Nick Swardson as the Bed, Bath and Beyond Guy. His jokes seem like dumb improv and aren't funny in the slightest
- cut "it looks bigger from the outside, just kidding" No time loss here, just score replacement
- cut "twinkies, you don't need it man, you do need a yodel though" in order to reduce some of the product placement. I'm suprised he didn't drink pepto-bismol instead of cough sryup for an extra paycheck
- cut "I guess when you combine mass quanities of cough syrup and yodels, you get acid" Michael is now just perplexed by the remote and not quipping
- cut half of the "ooh ooh" gag with Janeen. Wish I could cut the whole thing, but I can't
- cut dance thing with Morty and Michael. Seems like an unfunny outtake that became an intake
- cut "don't ask for the bathroom" assistant joke #2
- cut Michael talking with his parents about his dick size and him offering for them to suck it
- cut the slo-mo jogger. This was a gag I had a long, hard time thinking about cutting.
- cut the entire scene with him changing his hue in his car and doing voices, just have him get an orange tan
- cut the Watsuhita businessmen chest bump during the meeting
- cut most of Michael's commentary during his first kiss, have it simply be the song and occasional comments. I'd cut all of it if I could.
- cut Michael farting in Ammer's face
- cut Michael's new PA talking about the old PA becoming a transgender
- cut Peanut joining in during Donna and Michael's speed sex. No loss of time here, just looped him going down on her and replaced the score to cover the dog yelping
- cut Michael playing with his fat belly and man boobs when he wakes up in 2017
- cut the radio news voiceover about Britney Spear's 23rd child and Michael Jackson's clone molesting the real MJ. These jokes were dated as soon as you walked out of the cinema
- cut the shot of Michael driving up to the house in half from 22 seconds to 11 so that there is less dead space after the previous cut
- cut Michael asking his 14 year old daughter about her boobs
- cut Michael continually playing with his belly tongue and Donna getting angry for that, she now simply gets frustrated at him for refusing to accept the fact that he was a terrible father and husband
- cut Aunt Peggy from the wedding
- new ending
Cover art by Bobson Dugnutt (DOWNLOAD HERE)

First Kiss Edited

Traffic and Colours Edited

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I used to love watching Adam Sandler's movies, despite the Sandlerisms. At the core, many of them tell a compelling story, and I always hoped to have the time and skill to trim the bad jokes, bad acting, excessive vulgarity, and pointless scenes in order to keep the good parts. Well, Bobson Dugnutt got closer than I expected with this edit, and I truly applaud him for that.
Technically, this edit is flawless. I'm not sure I even need to write that, but just in case. Thematically, it is very good - the plot is streamlined and there are significantly fewer cringe worthy moments. I also love the way the movie ends now - it makes a lot more sense.
However, I think more crude and vulgar moments could have been trimmed easily to improve the result - such as most (if not all) the scenes involving the neighbours' kid.
All in all - a wonderful edit, but I would've cut out even more.

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