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(Updated: August 10, 2022)
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I liked the idea of this project as I already knew "Willy Wonka" had many horror elements such as the creepy tunnel scene and the creepy guy Charlie meets outside the factory. It definitely has those moments without the editor having to change them much at all. I think the scenes involving the "departures" of Verruca Salt and Mike Teevee were brilliantly done, although I wish Violet and Augustus had bigger "departures"....Violet surely needed to be blown up?! Maybe Verruca and Henry Salt should have ended up in the furnace as Willy Wonka alluded to?

I think the ending was great as I knew it would end with that scene, but I didn't know how you would do it and it turned out to be clever with how you changed it and the effort taken definitely paid off. As a small sidenote I would add that the transition into that scene is obviously a bit "choppy", but I understand there's not a lot of footage to play around with.

I actually preferred having very little of the original soundtrack. But I must admit, I wasn't too keen on the new soundtrack as I felt it could have been more dark and disturbing. There was the odd occasion where I couldn't hear Wonka saying things too. But on the other hand, it did look like you were making it more 70s to fit better with the film's era so I would understand that reasoning for that vibe.

I don't think making "Willy Wonka" into a horror was an easy task to do, even if it already had it's odd and disturbing moments. But it was a good idea nonetheless and you mostly made it work with what you had. Overall, it was definitely interesting.

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November 15, 2022
Instead of leaving a review I’ll just say my own would echo yours in every respect: the underwhelming Augustus and Violet deaths, the clunky setup for the pissa ending, etc. Loved it, I just feel like the horror angle wasn’t fully exploited. (Especially, song choice-wise, with The Reaper and whatever that is playing when they first enter the factory.) But, still, loved it and it was awesome that someone was able to make this movie that I’ve seen a billion times feel fresh. I can’t wait to show it to people that haven’t seen this in a long time and I wish I knew someone who’s never seen it so I could throw this on!
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