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This review is from the outdated version where the deleted scenes weren't in HD which is okay since this movie isn't the most visually impressive entry of the MCU in the first place LOL! This is a very good fanedit so that I would not only watch this in place of the original but actually watch it between Avengers Infinity Wars and Endgame instead of skipping it like what most people like me did because it was forced in there to make you watch it just for the post-credit scene. But Tremault wisely edited out the scene and made this movie more of a prequel where you can watch it without having to see all or any of the of the MCU movies since this is supposed to be an origin story of the avengers and filmmaking wise is the most basic looking superhero movie by Marvel standards making it a must-see for beginners. The biggest improvement that fixes this movie is toning down Captain Marvel's Misandry towards men and fleshing her out to be a sympathetic heroine who wants to find the truth about her war and her identity while doing the right thing. As an OP character similar to Superman and Wonder Woman (her superior DCU counterpart and rival) it is hard to make them relatable and likeable characters no matter what gender they are unless you make them a blank slate for the viewer to identify with or relate to them with a universal story/character arc that humanizes them. Such as Captain Marvel being forced to let go of her emotions/womanhood to become a cold-blooded weapon but instead turned her weakness into a strength in the form of empathy(femininity) to become a better person and a hero too for example.
Good job on this Fan Edit Tremault looking forward to your future projects!

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