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There are two reasons I didn't really notice that there had been things removed from this edit: I haven't watched "Dead Man's Chest" in full for a number of years, and TM2YC's editing was that great. Watching this edit, it was readily apparent just how bloated the original film is. Nothing that was cut I especially noticed or missed, minus the scenes involving the black spot and Jack's first meeting with Bootstrap Bill, plus the whole process of getting the drawing the key. That said, I only noticed after they would have already transpired, so no loss there.

However, I did have a thought as to the appropriateness of the title "The Adventures of Jack Sparrow." Seeing as this is supposed to be a series about Jack, it would seem appropriate that there would be more scenes concerning him and perhaps fewer concerning other characters. It's not really until "On Stranger Tides" that Jack really takes center stage. A minor quibble about something that is on screen for ten seconds, but hey, I have to say something critical right?

The editing was incredibly well done, save for two moments: the transition from "DAMN YOU JACK SPARROW!" to Tia Dalma's hut didn't quite work, and as was mentioned previously, the final cut to the credits was a little quick. There could have been an extra shot of Beckett looking smug or maybe the heart beating on his desk.

That said, I thoroughly enjoyed this edit. It was a fun adventure romp that the films have tried to be but failed at due to their bloated running times. The quality of the MKV I watched was very good, but I would certainly love a version of this mastered for Blu-ray. You know, for science. I heartily recommend this edit and I'm really looking forward to the next installment!

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