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FanMix May 27, 2009 4570
Saw this last night, and I really loved it. The video quality wasn’t perfect, and I think there even might have been a couple of sync issues, but that didn’t bother me all that much (I might have watched the V1, I’m not sure as this has been on my “watchlist” for long time). The only moment during the parts from the first film I felt that the thread was kinda lost was how they ended up in the country house. But that was all explained moments later when Marie’s friend turned up. The whole idea of Bourne trying to piece together who he is/was works better in this FE I think than the actual movies, as he doesn’t get sidetracked, and is very focused – like you’d expect someone with his training to work. Very clever way how Marie exit’s the story as well.

At first, I missed the 5.1 soundtrack, but perhaps stereo is more fitting to the whole claustrophobic mood of the edit.

Recommended. 4/5

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