Bourne Redemption, The

Bourne Redemption, The
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This is a re-envisioning and amalgamation of parts of the first two Bourne Movies to create a Jason Bourne extravaganza with twice the intensity and paranoia.
This is now a long POV of Jason Bourne and we never leave him.

Note: This FanEdit is a compliment to the first two Bourne Movies and in no way is an attempt to improve or correct. This FanEdit is rather a salute to all those involved in the making of those first two Bourne Movies. Also The Bourne Redemption has it’s own narrative so try and forget the original Movies story-lines if at all possible while watching this, as they bare no relation to this FanEdit.
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Cuts and Additions:

Contains Spoilers!

Removed all scenes not involving Jason Bourne directly
Removed lines of dialogue in numerous scenes for plot reasons
New: Opening Montage
New: Title
Cut: Scene at Pont Neuf where it is impossible to get a car without a crane
Cut: The Dialogue during the Paris car chase and rearranged shots
Cut: And rearranged shots at the farmhouse involving the other assassin
New: Bourne hallucinates during the phone call at the farmhouse
Cut: And rearranged shots during the bridge surveillance scene
Cut: And rearranged shots from stairway fall sequence and speeded up shots
New: Bourne hallucinates when confronting Conklin (Chris Cooper)
New: (V.2) Bourne washes away blood
New: (V.2) Bourne drives to Berlin from Paris
New: (V.2) Bourne dreams of past bad deeds (Plot reasons)
New: (V.2) Bourne visits other agent
New: (V.2) Bourne and agent fight
New: (V.2) Bourne takes train to Moscow
Cut: Many shots from Moscow train station escape
Cut: Re-arranged many shots from the Moscow car chase (No gun fight while driving)

Notes on Sound Editing

New: Intro Sound Design
New: Sound for assassin in woods scene, removed music and Sound Effects added
New: Complete Sound Design during farmhouse hallucinatory phone call
New: Complete Sound Design during bridge surveillance scene
New: Musical Score and Sound Effects added during the confrontation with Conklin
New: Complete Sound Design for Moscow taxi ride
New: Added Sound Effects during Moscow Car Chase
New: Complete Sound Design after fight added toaster, gun, door & alt. music
General ambient sounds, musical score and extra sound effects have been added to many scenes.
Many other cuts, re-workings and additions were made that are not listed.
Cover art by Mollo, currently unavailable to download image

Cover art by AvP (DOWNLOAD HERE)


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Saw this last night, and I really loved it. The video quality wasn’t perfect, and I think there even might have been a couple of sync issues, but that didn’t bother me all that much (I might have watched the V1, I’m not sure as this has been on my “watchlist” for long time). The only moment during the parts from the first film I felt that the thread was kinda lost was how they ended up in the country house. But that was all explained moments later when Marie’s friend turned up. The whole idea of Bourne trying to piece together who he is/was works better in this FE I think than the actual movies, as he doesn’t get sidetracked, and is very focused – like you’d expect someone with his training to work. Very clever way how Marie exit’s the story as well.

At first, I missed the 5.1 soundtrack, but perhaps stereo is more fitting to the whole claustrophobic mood of the edit.

Recommended. 4/5

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This is a review of version 1 which I saw last year, I don’t know how V2 might have improved or lessened my enjoyment.

I feel that this edit requires a particular mindset. When I first started watching it, say for the first 30 minutes, I wasn’t really liking it. For me it was just feeling like a collection of cool clips from the Bourne movies. Kind of like watching your favorite action scenes on YouTube. Then I forced myself to pause the movie, and take the time to think about what you Edit actually meant.

See, I needed to really sit and force myself to forget everything I already knew about the plot of the original movies. This wasn’t a collection of clips, because those other scenes that I remembered from the movies, never happened. I had been viewing the movie all wrong.

With my new perspective of considering only the footage you were presenting, I started to enjoy the experience a lot more. It wasn’t easy to view it this way, and I couldn’t help but wish that I could truly watch it fresh, and truly forgot everything I knew… but by the end I was well impressed by your effort.


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The video quality was bad for a DL, which I feel I have wasted for this version. The fanedit did not convince me, it was – weird.
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