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FanMix May 27, 2009 4423
This is a review of version 1 which I saw last year, I don’t know how V2 might have improved or lessened my enjoyment.

I feel that this edit requires a particular mindset. When I first started watching it, say for the first 30 minutes, I wasn’t really liking it. For me it was just feeling like a collection of cool clips from the Bourne movies. Kind of like watching your favorite action scenes on YouTube. Then I forced myself to pause the movie, and take the time to think about what you Edit actually meant.

See, I needed to really sit and force myself to forget everything I already knew about the plot of the original movies. This wasn’t a collection of clips, because those other scenes that I remembered from the movies, never happened. I had been viewing the movie all wrong.

With my new perspective of considering only the footage you were presenting, I started to enjoy the experience a lot more. It wasn’t easy to view it this way, and I couldn’t help but wish that I could truly watch it fresh, and truly forgot everything I knew… but by the end I was well impressed by your effort.


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