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FanFix April 26, 2009 6228
Very good edit. I agree with almost all the choices made here and agree with your reasoning for having Deckard NOT being a replicant. That said, I still like Deckard as a replicant, though I like it to be subtle and ambiguous. I think the unicorn dream is a bit heavy-handed as is the “made for each other” line. I like the very subtle eye-shine in Deckard which, to me, has always been the smoking gun. But I like this version a lot and think it makes an excellent companion piece. My only issues are with the quality which did not look good on my 51″ screen and with the alternate ending. I think the ending is well done and, though I prefer an “elevator door ending,” thought this was interesting. My main complaint is that it seems like an ending for a Blade Runner where Deckard IS a replicant and feels out of place with this edit. All in all… great job! Highly enjoyable!

Everything is the edit was great! I only knock off a star because of the quality issues.
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