Blade Runner: The Nexus 6 Extended Cut

Blade Runner: The Nexus 6 Extended Cut

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Blade Runner: The Nexus 6 Extended Cut
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No voice-over. No unicorn. No Deckard is a replicant. This Nexus 6 cut combines footage from the Workprint, Theatrical, International, Director’s Cut and Final Cut into a new extended version designed to reflect the original intentions of the screenwriters (ie: No Deckard replicant)

It is the view of this NEXUS 6 EXTENDED CUT editor that the idea of Deckard discovering he is a Replicant at the end of the film is a fun Heavy Metal sci-fi comic book twist, but unfortunately the film that proceeded that idea does not support that conclusion. Deckard’s journey from hating the Replicants to falling in love with one of his prey is one of the key themes of the original novel and shooting screenplay. Harrison Ford’s performance certainly supports this notion. If Deckard is really a Replicant, then the Tyrell Corp. owes the Blade Runner squad a refund. Who wants a Replicant Blade Runner cop with implants that he hates his job and quits the force cause it got to him and lost his ex-wife over it? A Replicant Balde Runner who is weaker than any of his prey? Once you start asking sensible 2019 questions on the why and how, it becomes clear that this one-off idea should remain just that.
Release Information
Editing Details:
Collected all deleted scenes and every new shot found in the Blade Runner documentary that could be used to expand the film in new and interesting ways. Re-mixed music and sound-fx over any scenes with narration.

Additional Comment: Since the FINAL CUT version features a new color correction giving the film a new green tint, most of all shots/visuals come from the original Theatrical or International cut for visuals. However, the audio mix from the FINAL CUT was used for most scenes.
Cuts and Additions:

1. New Ladd Company logo in red added to opening of NEXUS 6 EXTENDED CUT.
2. A Ridley Scott/Michael Deeley Production credit moved to front of film
3. Blade Runner title card now appears in the Blade Runner font.
4. Opening credits of actors/crew have been removed.
5. The 2016 definition of Replicant from the WORKPRINT now replaces the old Tyrell Corp/Blade Runner explanation text crawl.
6. Extended shot of Holden after being shot by Leon from the WORKPRINT and extra shot of fan twirling from the TRAILER.
7. New shot of OFF WORLD BLIMP arriving into city is added.
8. No DECKARD VOICE-OVER of any kind is included in this cut.
9. Extended camera take introducing Deckard from WORKPRINT and ALTERNATE TAKES of reading newspaper are used.
10. Close-Up of Deckard’s sushi plate is added.
11. Bryant now correctly states that two Replicants died while trying to break into Tyrell Corp.
12. Extra line about Leon lifting 200 pound loads is included.
13. Added deleted scene of Deckard visiting Holden in the hospital.
14. New shot of Police Spinner flying into city is added as a dissolve from the Coke sign.
15. Extended Police Spinner flight to Tyrell Corp. is added, including shots of Deckard studying the files on Batty, Zhora and Pris.
16. Extra shot of Police Spinner flying into Tyrell Corp. from ALTERNATE TAKES is added.
17. Close-Up of Rachael lighting her cigarette and giving a smirk is added to Voight-Kamph test.
18. Extended Leon’s Apartment scene. Includes a surprise shot of Leon, who studies the figurine Gaff leaves behind.
19. Extended scene of Leon walking to Phone Booth with Batty.
20. ALTERNATE TAKE of Batty asking Leon about his precious photos.
21. Four Extra Shots of Deckard’s car driving through the tunnel are added.
22. Extended scene of Deckard getting out of car and walking in rain to this apartment.
23. Added new high-above cityscape shot of Pris walking to J.F.’s building. Includes a slow dissolve into normal shot of Pris.
24. All-New cut of Deckard at the piano. No Unicorn shot. Instead a new shot from ALTERNATE TAKES is added to include a picture of Deckard and his ex-wife. Added extra shots of Deckard thinking over photos and walking over couch to the Esper machine.
25. New scene of Deckard at fish/noodle bar is added. Deckard notices the fish scale and gets idea to visit animal row.
26. Extended crane shot of Deckard walking though animal row is added.
27. Added extra shots of Deckard walking the streets on the way to Taffy’s place. Includes two shots of dancing bubble girls from both the WORKPRINT and FINAL CUT.
28. Added a new shot of Deckard noticing a poster of Zhora with her snake on the wall of the club during her introduction.
29. Added new wide shot of Deckard closing the door and Zhora removing the snake.
30. Added new shots of Deckard climbing on top of cars in pursuit of Zhora. (Not seen in any version, but included in publicity shots)
31. Added 3 new SLOW MOTION shots of Zhora running from Deckard, getting shot and falling forward into glass.
32. Used the new digital Zhora running into glass from FINAL CUT. No more stuntman in a bad wig.
33. Extended shot of Deckard identifying himself to cop after shooting Zhora. Deckard now notices Rachael watching from a distance and follows after her.
34. Re-ordering of sequences according to the original script. Leon now attacks Deckard AFTER the Zhora attack, when Deckard is trying to locate Rachael. New shot of Rachel shooting Leon is included from FINAL CUT. Then cuts to Deckard and Rachael walking the streets, recovering from the assault. The song “If I Didn’t Care” from WORKPRINT plays over Deckard and Rachael walking. Deckard can been seen wiping blood from his mouth. Deckard now visits the liquor stand and Rachael can be seen standing behind him waiting. Gaff now shows up and the Deckard and Bryant scene plays as normal — as Deckard’s bruises on his face from Leon are now clear. Scene ends with Deckard noticing Rachel waiting for him. Cut to Deckard’s apt.
35. Added Extended scene and shots of Deckard cleaning blood from his mouth, while noticing Rachel’s legs as she sits waiting.
36. Added new scene of Rachel entering Deckard’s bedroom and finding him passed out. She removes the glass from his hands.
37. Extra shots of Rachel at piano are added, including the picture of Deckard and his ex-wife.
38. Deckard chasing after Rachael love scene from WORKPRINT is used (different music and take) Extra shot of lovemaking and nudity are added and now dissolves into city landscape shot.
39. Added new scene of Deckard visiting Holden again, asking more questions.
40. Also added new scene of Gaff and Bryant and they watch a surveillance video feed of Deckard’s conversation with Holden.
41. Added new scene of J.F and Batty dealing with Tyrell Corp. security on the way to Tyrell’s top floor.
42. Used Batty’s “I wan’t more life father” line from WORKPRINT.
43. Tyrell’s death scene is from INTERNATIONAL and FINAL CUT versions.
44. Extended chasing of J.F by Batty from WORKPRINT and FINAL CUT.
45. Added new scene of Batty in the elevator, dealing with the voice of security and procedures. Showing raw emotions for his killings.
46. Added new shots and dialogue of Deckard talking to the Spinner Cops. “Good luck Blade Runner” line added.
47. New shot of Deckard’s car arriving at J.F’s building is added.
48. Violent scenes of Pris beating Deckard from INTERNATIONAL CUT and FINAL CUT are included. Deckard shoots Pris one extra time.
49. New shot of Deckard with gun before Batty grabs his hand.
50. Close-Up of Batty breaking Deckard’s fingers from WORKPRINT is added.
51. Close-Up shots of nail going through Batty’s hand from INTERNATIONAL CUT and FINAL CUT are included.
52. Extra shots of Deckard in the bathroom are added. Batty’s line “Are you hurt” from WORKPRINT is added.
53. New shot of dove flying away into city from FINAL CUT is included.
54. New wide shot of Batty after he retires from WORKPRINT. Spinner floats up in background.
55. Extra shots of Deckard searching his apartment for Rachael are added. New Close-Up of Deckard entering room.
56. The Elevator Doors Closing ending from WORKPRINT and FINAL CUT is used.
57. After a few moments of music and blackness, a new take on the ALTERNATE ENDING is included. In this version, when Rachel asks about Deckard’s ex-wife, a shot of the photo is included from earlier in the film. Also, when Rachel says “forever”, Deckard has a brief memory flash that includes a review of key moments throughout the film. Includes a new line from Gaff “Are you even sure you are a man, it’s so hard to tell these days”. This visual reverie ends with a dissolve back in the car, with Rachel’s line “I think we we’re made for each other” followed by a quick shot of Tyrell nodding his
head. Deckard and Rachael continue to drive away and the camera floats away into the mountains. Fade to Black.
58. No end cast/crew credits are included.
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(Updated: January 12, 2014)
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The extended version to blade runner is extremely well put together with only one noticeable stray frame at the start. While it may not be a version that will convert anyone who disliked the original (which ever version that maybe) as the film moves at a much slower pace. The video quality was a little poor often looking pixelated though it does add an almost work print / lost version vibe to the edit. the final montage is very well done though i'm glad this was shown after the credits. Overall this is a very good alternative version to add to the many official versions., if your a fan of blade runner then I recommend this edit.

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“So far, all I've been able to track down is the avi.” – Dreamfever

Yup, if you look at the release info above you’ll see that the .avi is all that’s been released so far, like you I’ve been eagerly awaiting a tasty dual layer version of this edit. Modernknife seems to be taking his time over it which probably bodes well for the quality of the release but leaves us all getting rather impatient. Maybe we should start a petition…
Only joking, I’d much rather wait for a higher quality DVD than get a rushed job.

This is such a good version of the film but I do have to agree that, for me, the final montage does support the idea that Deckard IS a replicant what with the ‘made for each other’ line accompanied by the knowing Tyrell nod.
Great to see the shots of Deckard on top of the cars re-integrated at last though…

I’m also hoping, like Toty, to have the opening and closing titles re-inserted for the DVD, the film does seem a little, erm, naked(?) without them.

All in all, I can hardly contain my anticipation (yes, I’m a big Blade Runner fan), Modernknife has done a fantastic job giving us yet another but radically different vision of Blade Runner,
All Hail!

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June 20, 2009
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