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With TM2YC's 'Penultimate cut' and now Wraith's 'Final Voiceover Restoration', we are being spoiled for 'Blade Runner' edits recently. I go back and forth as to whether I like the voiceover - for me, it ticks the old school noir box Fancher and Scott originally intended, but there's something to be said for letting the moody silences and incredible visuals to speak for themselves.

Regardless, Wraith ably succeeds in exactly what he intended to do - an edit of every available frame from the main versions of the film, with the addition of extra voiceover lines where needed. It's seamless, and the extra lines I noticed absolutely fit the flow of the film. I'm sure that more work went into this edit than meets the eye, down to changing the pitch and speed of Ford's occasionally lacklustre narration. We get the best of both worlds with an extended unicorn shot (I still haven't found the little extra Wraith dropped in there - I have to ask him about that), but it unfortunately means we get the happy ending too. Within the scope of this edit, it was an essential addition, but pardon me if I press pause when the elevator closes the next time I watch this.

And here's the thing - I will rewatch this. There are days when TM2YC's 'Penultimate Cut' will be my go-to, and days when only the voiceover will do. With Wraith's edit, I can finally have my cake and eat it.

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Owner's reply May 01, 2021

Thanks for that and pleased you enjoyed it.

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