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FanFix December 21, 2007 3103
Just saw it!
This edit was AWESOME! I can’t believe how great it is! I saw “Old Habits Die Hard” and thought it was a pretty good edit, then I saw “T3:The Coming Storm” and thought it was amazing, but THIS… THIS IS INCREDIBLE! All the scenes and jokes that were unnecessary are GONE! You just can’t imagine how happy I am right now! I’ve seen the original, like, 50 times (I’m kind of a Blade fan) and I’ve always thought about how cool it would be to move the crap out of this movie. And these guys did it! It’s amazing!
There were two scenes I was really worried about (the “Vampire Store” scene and the scene where Dr. Vance is talking to Blade about his mother and believing in vampires and stuff ) but they were edited nicely and all the little bad things were gone. Removing Ryan’s lame jokes really helped. I love Ryan Reynolds, I think he’s great and has a great sense of humor, but in this movie I think he should have kept his mouth shut and kicked more ass.
The video quality could have been a little bit better, but the sound is great! I will be putting this one in to my DVD collection for sure. As of right now – this is my favourite fan-edit!
THANK YOU SO MUCH! And keep up the good work!
(BTW I’m sorry if there are some spelling mistakes. English isn’t my native language.)
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