Blade 3 – Behead the King Edition

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Blade 3 – Behead the King Edition
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Brief Synopsis:
This is a complete re-edit of “Blade Trinity”. It reduces lame jokes and stupid scenes to a minimum, leaving you with pure Blade entertainment.
The original movie was a major disappointment, because of being undediced between a comicbook movie, a parody, a comedy and a horror-action movie. Also the movie was obviously created for teenagers and tried too hard to be “hip”, which it never was.
Special Features
2 Scene Comparisons
Lame HK Jokes
CBB Overview
Editing Details:
We deleted 50% of spoken text, 99% lame jokes and cut out 22 minutes, which will not be missed. With about 50 cuts we tried to make this a true horror action movie and a worthy finish of the Blade series. We recreated a lot of sound and score elements to alter the overall atmosphere.
Cuts and Additions:

about 50 cuts through the entire movie (not all mentioned here)

Video Edits (still incomplete):

- added credits form Blade 1
- removed credits from Blade 3
- moved Syrian desert scene after intro
- removed middlefinger scene (yes, they are vampires, we got that before already)
- removed Danica filming (not necessary, we already knew it was a setup)
- removed the TV interview (over the top)
- added serum scene from Blade2 to make a bridge to Whistler delivering the newspaper
- moved serum inhaler scene into Whistler’s daughter fighting the vampires scene
- removed Dr. Vance’s evaluation talk to Blade (this made no sense since he is a familiar and Blade may be in his own world, but he watches the news on TV, so he will know both the current date and who is the president)
- removed the fight for authority between the chief of police and the FBI agents (unnecessary)
- added flashback to see the development of the vampires
- removed Danica screaming “Hannibal King”. He is just not that important.
- removed several HK scenes during the escape.
- removed Abigail shooting around the corner (embarrassing)
- removed the gunfight between policemen and vampires (why did they do this?)
- removed some more of the shooting sequences during the escape (it is unbelievable enough that they escape from a police headquarter)
- removed Hannibal and Abigail being surrounded by cop cars (too much)
- removed the flight car arriving (it is far better to let a flight car wait for the ones to flee)
- removed stupid HK and Blade conversations from the ship scene
- removed the group name “Night Stalkers” (very embarrassing)
- removed HK from saying he had been a vampire (please no)
- ripped the vampires’ failure discussion from the worst swearings.
- removed HK history lesson
- removed vampire merchandise girl showing the vibrators
- removed the entire weapons show of Hedges, because the toys look like plastic, except for UV ark.
- removed Abigail’s tripod ad (embarrassing)
- removed HK asking Blade what he would do, if they were successful (lame)
- removed vampire dog form HK torture scene (maximum embarrassment)
- removed lame jokes form HK torture scene
- removed Blade making one wheel stunt on motorcycle (showing off)
- removed “gimme 5″ when the vampire kicked HK (lame)
- removed “search the node” scene (they were right, it was not funny)
- removed Abigail’s Matrix hand sign (this is Blade, not Matrix, and this is Blade, not a parody)
- removed vampire dogs (embarrassing)
- shortened HK fighting Triple H big time
- removed Dracula “tongue-hit” (he is no frog)
- changed the ending to Dracula staying in the shape of Blade
- added Blade birth Scene
- added new credits

Audio edits (still incomplete):
- added a modified beginning from Batman Begins track 8 “Antrozous”
- added small piece of track 13 from Alien Resurrection ” The battle with the newborn”
- added little piece of MI3 soundtrack track 5 “Special Agent Lindsey Farris”, while Blade injects his serum
- added sound bits from resident evil
- added a little piece from Nine Inch Nails CLOSER
- added breaking glass sound from OPERATION BROKEN ARROW
- added gunshots and machine gun fire from Windtalkers
- added music from MI3 track 12 Bridge Battle
- removed beginning of car flight rap
- added “alright” from windtalkers
- added car truck from man on Fire
- added people shouting from Con Air
- removed the intro rap of dracula
- removed the killing rap of dracula
- added sound bites from Constantine
- added Deo et patri from the Constantine soundtrack
- added Ether surfing from Resident Evil The game soundtrack
- added woman screaming from THE BORROWER
- added Dracula screaming from the beginning of Blade Trinity
- added some more Resident Evil game music bits
- added sounds from Blade 1 and intro track from Blade 1 as beginning end credits
- added THE BALANCE fromt eh Constantine soundtrack for end credits
- added MUSTANG NISMO from Tokyo Drift soundtrack
- added motorcycle sounds from Blade 2
Cover art by CBB (DOWNLOAD HERE)

Cover art by Casualimp (DOWNLOAD HERE)

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Blade 3 Behead The King (Blade Trinity) - CBB

Filesize = 5.4 GB, Video = 720 X 480p AVC, Audio = 316 kbps 5.1 AAC. Subs = yes.

As most know, the original had problems which killed the franchise.
Boon strips away most of the stupidity, the incompetent dialogue, crowd service.
The result is a propulsive, action driven comic. Not much thinking goes on.
Like the original, the edit is “too white”, the villain hammy, and in Boon’s version, the ending is weird.
While I enjoyed this, I have major, major reservations.
I believe this was originally a DVD. What is currently available is an mp4, omitting bonus material.
The sound mix envelopes and the dialogue clear. There are subtitles, yet they are indifferently timed. Sometimes preceding comments, other times tarrying behind, and other times missing.
Worse by far, there is a hiccup, a glitch, that occurs every four seconds, throughout the entire edit.
This is a glaring error and would never have been approved in 2006.
Consequently, I urge those who want to view this work to track down the original DVD and bypass the mp4.
I must confess it was nice to see closing credits with Bygone times.

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This is the finale to the trilogy that we never got to see! Having read some background on the movie, it's no wonder why Blade 3 turned out the way it did. Mostly due to Wesley Snipes' lack of interest (it seems like he got forced into doing the third film by contract) the director had to find ways to appropriate his lines to other characters (this is why Ryan Reynolds, much to our detriment and lack of enjoyment) has so much screen time in the original cut. Along with those lines, lots of filler jokes were added and much of what should have been punchy one-liners turned into rambling awful jokes that just took you out of the movie alltogether.

Besides all that, this edit finds the serious action movie that Blade Trinity could have been in between all that other awfulness. Sure it's a little shorter than a typical hollywood movie and the audio editing could use a little work, but overall this is a much faster paced version where it's all about killing the vampire king and less about how much Ryan Reynolds' character can drag this movie down. While it may seem like I have a bone to pick with Mr. Reynolds (and I do usually) it's not like the man can't act or ruins every movie he stars in. I think what more likely happens is that these directors rely on him too much to make something good out of something that's just simply not well written. Some actors are miracle workers in this department; Ryan Reynolds just isn't one of them.

So the moments that are left in this edit are more focused on the central plot and the action surrounding that. You can't take all the camp out of a campy movie, but you can certainly clean up the campsite to make it more presentable :D. Great work CBB and I look forward to your future edits.

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I was thoroughly unimpressed by this fan edit. I don’t remember all of my original issues since I no longer have this edition and I last watched it a few months ago, but I’ll do what I can to list them.

I’ll start with the positives, mainly being the removal of the stupid crap jokes that littered the original movie. Which is really the best part of the edit.

The bad: the added “score elements” in a few scenes I felt were cringe-worthy and amateurish, such as how NIN’s Closer starts playing in one scene to cover up the rap song being played from the SUV, but it is so forced and horrible I started laughing in disbelief that something like that would be even considered “good”. The other added songs weren’t as bad, but still forced and out of place, and I think the original music in those scenes fit much better. There were also a few bits of stupid dialogue that still needed to be cut (one in particular, Reynold’s character mentions the Darkstalker name near the end of the movie even though all references to their group name were supposed to be removed). Some edits I felt weren’t necessary at all and left empty, hollow scenes which didn’t need to be like that.

And the big one, for me, was the ending, which was completely FUBAR’d by the edits. And this is the part I wish I wrote down, because I can’t remember all the details, so I admit I may be incorrect on this. When Dracula dies, he takes the form of Blade as his honorable “parting gift” to trick the authorities so Blade can escape, although it isn’t 100% clear that this happens, you can see Dracula-as-Blade when the camera pans away from the battle scene and the “Blade” body isn’t wearing the same clothes as the fight, it has Dracula’s clothes, and there is only one body there. But during the autopsy, the “Blade” body they have actually is the REAL Blade who gets up and escapes, instead of the other ending where the body changes shape back to Dracula. The edit list says ‘changed the ending to Dracula staying in the shape of Blade’. So does this mean that Blade died and Dracula takes his form from now on? Or now there are two “Blades”, one good and one evil, lurking the cities? It’s unclear, and feels like one of those ‘let’s edit this because we can’ sort of things. The original ending was fine as is and did not need this mish-mash of ideas made just for the sake of editing.

Overall, I wish the edit stuck to just getting rid of the shit dialogue and did not have other edits. In the end, I prefer the original to this edit, because at least the original, as flawed as it is, didn’t have so many nonsensical issues.
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