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reeseevans took what is in my opinion one of the worst superhero movies ever made and made it watchable.

He boiled down the concept to what was sold in the title, a Batman vs Superman sorta kinda sequel to Man of Steel (which I very much enjoyed btw) and introduces Batman to this new era of Warner attempting to imitate Marvel with their shared movie universe.

Instead of a "look we are bringing the Justice League up next" this movie works as a standalone film with a reasonable runtime in which Bats and Supes disagree for the most part and Lex Luthor plays the man behind the strings that ultimately makes them see eye to eye.

No "Doomsday". no shoehorned in Wonder Woman, no bat nightmares that make no sense including no prematurely introduced Flash, no gratuitous Aquaman. All great things.

Unfortunately, yet another 2.0 audio track is offerec; so my usual A/V quality penalty points apply.

The Audio and Video editing are 100% seamless, so full scores there.

Finally, also unfortunately; it is Martha who resolves the main conflict. A major issue I have with this film which I hoped would be worked around; therefore enjoyment point deducted.

Overall, a huge improvement; specially over the theatrical release.
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