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Bravo reeseevans, Bravo!

If you watch this cut, I think you will be pleasantly surprised to find this was probably how the original script was intended to be and is truly enjoyable. In this edit, there is no Doomsday (sadly), very brief glimpse of Diana (even more sadly), no Justice League lead-in, no Darkseid suggestions, just straight Batman Versus Superman story line. Once you focus on the real story, the story is compelling. Lex is less annoying and you can tell how well he has planned this without constant distractions of other minor plots. I should note though the more I watch any cut or edition of this movie, the more I wish we had a powerful, tall, bald serious business type Lex as one remember from the animated series or the dc animated universe. The more I think of such a Lex though, the more difficult it becomes to think of such an actor. I don't think Vin Diesel or The Rock would do the role justice, Lawrence Fishbourne on the other hand would have been a compelling choice for Lex rather than Perry White. At any rate, I highly recommend this cut, this is really making a great sale to be the definitive telling of this story. This is the movie that makes you think about it after it ends. Watch it!

The editing is well done. If I had any objections it has to do primarily with three points.
1) Doomsday and Diana are gone. As much as they really aren't relevant to the true story, the action scene is great and Diana is the true hero of the movie (especially more so now that her movie has done so well). When you watch the movie, it makes sense to cut them out, but I still missed them. It is a really tough call and I applaud reeseevans courage to cut such a scene. With the original ending removed from this version now, this edit's end is a bit short. Due to the greater focus on the BvS direct story line, the "Martha" issue does not come across as bothersome or even corny anymore. There could have been a bit more dialogue between Bruce and Clark at this point to hit home the point that until that moment in time Bruce only saw Clark as a monster and not as a hero or even a human. I only wish for Reeseevan's edit, there was more source material he could have used to draw out his ending more.

2) The aforementioned Lex casting.

3) Lastly, there exists another fan edit I am very fond of and it began with the Superman Metropolis scene rather than the Batman Origin story again. In that edit, the Metropolis scene is followed by the TV - Neil Degrasse Tyson - Kentucky Senator - the question of the existence of a Superman and what that means for the human race. In that edit, it felt more of a direct tie-in to Man of Steel and moving the middle of the original BvS scene to the beginning really brought home this question left open at the end of Man of Steel. That is: "Whoa, beings or aliens exist that defy all logic and physics, they can destroy the world, how do we react?" I liked that beginning and sequence more than the Batman Origin Story. I felt the Batman Origin Story was out of place, but only because we have seen it so many times now. It seemed ALMOST pointless, but is successfully brought back in as Batman recognizing himself as Joe Chill in the moment he can end Superman. If anything, I just liked that beginning more than the original movie beginning.

Reeseevans did a fantastic job and had to make some very difficult choices. The cuts are compelling, tell a very fluid story, and I really enjoyed this. I HIGHLY recommend this and can say this is the version I will always watch from now on. The editing was smooth and just making Lex be less "Joker" and more focused on his planning than his mannerism helped quite a bit. Removing Batman death scenes and adding elements from other sources truly helped in this great story! Thank you reeseevans, look forward to your work in the future! If you ever want to do Man of Steel (if you haven't already, I have some suggestions!)

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July 11, 2017
Thank you very much for the in-depth feedback. There may be some interest for me to create a bespoke Man of Steel edit that dovetails into No Justice, so I'd be very happy to read your thoughts.
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