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Batman v Superman: No Justice
March 15, 2017    
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Right at the outset, I'll make it clear that I enjoyed the original ("Ultimate") cut of BvS.

There's not much I can say here that hasn't been written in other reviews already. This was an astounding edit. Everything that's been cut (about half of the film) isn't missed at all and allows for this to be viewed as a standalone movie or as a sequel to Man of Steel equally successfully.

The only (VERY nitpicky) criticisms I have of this edit are that the murder of the Waynes was kept at the start, the Day of the Dead scene was kept, and that the audio is in stereo. That's it. If I wasn't actively looking for things to irk me, even these wouldn't be there.
My reasoning for the former is that this edit already seems to assume knowledge on the viewers part, which is in no way a problem with such well-known characters. Everyone knows Batman's origin and I, personally, have seen and read it so many times now that I just don't need to see another take on it ever again. Though, I do realise cutting it would mean redoing the opening credits from scratch over another sequence (perhaps the montage of Superman heroics?)
The Day of the Dead scene is all down to individual taste. It just felt a little bit out of place to me in this edit (and the original, for that matter). Seeing Clark start to undo his tie in the previous shot is enough of an indicator that he's off to save the day.

The omission of all of Batmans kills is also done extremely well and feels more in line with Frank Miller's version of the character. The only kill that is kept is very well justified as an exception to the rule by use of a well-placed flashback.

In my mind this is a damn near perfect edit, and probably as good as someone could possibly do with the source material. I'm not likely to watch the original version ever again unless I'm marathoning the DCEU films but, let's be honest. I'll never do that anyway... unless Reese can cut them all to this length ;)

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