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I really enjoyed this! Thank you for putting in the hard work. I have been struggling over the recent years to re-watch TDK but I couldn't get more than 30 minutes in before firstly being turned off then turning it off. What you did here drastically brought this film back to life, and gave it pace and energy, and stuck to the intensity and focus of the storyline that this film desperately needed. Nolan isn't always praised for his edits, as we've seen in the latter years, but there's a good core here and without some of the comic lines and unnecessary rest periods this is quite a fun film to watch. Well done!

I do agree with some of the other comments on here and I am going to attempt those edits myself. I think by removing the copy-cat Batman's in the first Batman intro scene (what is even the point of that scene?) it will make for a nice surprise and actually a well-thought out plan by the Joker when its hung body slams against the window. I'd also like to add back some of the nuances that were cut away, such as the slow-mo of Dent's burning, or the "But I did tell you so," line that I thought was forcefully cut. Some things can breathe, and I'd say 95% of what you cut is spot on. Lastly, I'm not quite in full agreement about the ending. I found myself getting nervous as I watched it, which to me is a sign that I'm about to not be fully satisfied. I'd like to play around with this and even keep the score the same as the original. I didn't mind the score changes in the other scenes and I thought they worked quite nicely, but this one felt a little off. I'll play with it and see what works - but I do agree that Gordon's speech and voiceover is a cheap way of finding a quick open-ended ending.

Overall very well done and this has been one of my favorite edits. I keep waking in the middle of the night thinking about it. Thank you!

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