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(Updated: June 12, 2020)
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Nicely done!

No eye-rolling lines throughout gets this movie closer to perfection. It's funny to see what some people think is good vs bad though. There were more things I would have liked moved/cut/mixed, and there were some things I would have left in (like Alfred's "but I did tell you so"). Also, it may just be me, but I've always hated Morgan Freeman's voiceover during the fight at the end. "See those bad guys above you? They're about to ambush the swat team." Sounds like he's doing a really bad videogame voiceover, and it's also twice as loud as anything else in the scene. I'd love a version without the voiceover at all if possible. Fox doesn't even need to know the sonar exists, then it's just Batman using it and kicking ass.

There are so many edits, it's hard to generalize the quality. Most were flawless, but there was some audio clipping, and a few cuts not matching. I think most of the noticeable ones were during the action scenes, which are obviously harder to cut around. But the cuts in those scenes were greatly appreciated. Joker's "Hit me!" always sounded bad to me, the cops' unrealistically doofed up lines, unnecessarily explanatory dialogue from extras. Lots of little things that eat away at this movie's greatness, and a lot of them were cut.

The narrative was solid, for the most part the plot went largely unchanged. Reordering of the end was nice cause that final voiceover is shit too.

I wouldn't replace the original with this version because for as much as it fixed, I missed too much. But I would definitely recommend for 2 hours of fun and entertainment! Good job

ps: Now if someone could only edit around Christian Bale's dogshit acting when he's talking to the Joker at the end, we'd be in business!

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