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Shorts September 25, 2008 2983
(Updated: September 19, 2012)
September 23, 2008

I agree with sladetwc. I really enjoyed the whole thing, except the info-mercial. When it began I was thinking, “Besides the speaker talking too loud (on purpose, but still) into the mic, I know this will be good.” But slowly it just got cornier and cornier. I’m not sure the concept was fully fleshed out. Even with a bad film like Batman & Robin, something watchable could be made from it (like the first short I surprisingly enjoyed). But Grievous Angel just went a bit too far.

Anyway, onto the praise. EVERYTHING about this comp otherwise I really enjoyed. The splicing between animation & live-action for the Scarecrow could’ve been handled a bit neater, but that still ended up really good. My personal favorite of all the shorts is absolutely Depths of Darkness. Brilliant how he meshed so many different films to tell a cohesive tale. I feel like watching that again right now.
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