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Went into this edit completely blind, having never seen the original nor any idea of what it contained. Suffice it to say that there was little to indicate that a third of the runtime was missing, did not know that the character of Bane was ever included until I started reading these reviews!

Given the original’s reputation I was surprised at how watchable this edit was, only a few places where I think further tinkering might have benefitted: the rubber lips could probably be circumvented (not sure how cleanly this could be achieved) and the bike race scene dragged on a bit, maybe a different soundtrack here would help.

Using black and white definitely makes the visuals easier on the eyes, looking at mere stills of the original in colour is almost too much for me! Nothing seems amiss with either the audio or visual aspects, though perhaps a slight boost in contrast would improve the latter.

Thanks Ed for putting this together, don’t think I ever would have given Batman & Robin a go otherwise, along with the enhanced "Red Book Edition" I have two perfectly decent ways to complete the Burton/Schumacher saga. Again the question now is whether to give the original a chance!

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