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I think my take on the Back to the Future franchise is well aligned with the general public. The first movie is one of my all-time favorites. It's feel-good entertainment at its finest. Part II is half as good as the first one, I'm sorry to say. And Part III even less than that. I don't want to say the sequels are bad. But I've always seen them as inferior and in need of improvement. So, being a fan of Bobson's extended cuts of most things, I was curious to see if this version of Part II could fix some of my "issues" with the film.

Overall, I can't say this was a gigantic improvement, but it is a small improvement. Pretty much all that's new here occurs within the first 45-50 minutes. I liked the extra comic relief bits, as they do address my biggest problem with Part II, however slightly. It's nice to see the demolished Hill Valley High School deleted scene with audio restored, especially since my blu-ray only has an audio-free version of this scene.

With that said though, this edit is only 4 minutes longer than its original theatrical counterpart, so there really isn't a whole lot that's changed. Still, I like enough of what's new here to recommend this one. Don't expect this to suddenly be as memorable as Part I, but at least this edit is a step in the right direction.

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