Back to the Future: Part II - More Roads Edition

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Where we're going, we need more roads
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The More Roads Edition adds back 8 new scenes, shots and moments into the second installment of one of the greatest movie trilogies of all time. Four minutes of new footage has been added in from a variety of sources to create the longest version of the film.
Since an extended cut of BTTF 1 was one of my first edits, and I did the third one a while back, I thought, hell why not do it again? So here is the final installment of my extended BTTF trilogy.
Other Sources:
- Back to the Future: Part II (Blu-Ray) The film and most of the deleted scenes were taken from here
- 2002 DVD Trilogy - A single shot of the "Burned Out High School" scene was a little longer on the DVD, so I had to upscale it and match it to the BR scene
- The Secrets of the Back to the Future Trilogy (1990) This Kirk Cameron hosted TV special featured the "Burned Out High School" with sound, so I took Marty's line that was muted on the Blu-Ray and slotted it back in
- Theatrical Trailer (1989) There's a few extra shots of the Deloreon flying through the sky, with Doc, Marty and Jennifer reacting that I've upscaled and put back in
- 30th Anniversary Soundtrack (2015) Chicken Needles/Jenn Sees Jenn, I Can't Drive 55 by Sammy Hagar, Fanfare to Achievement and If They Ever Did (alternate) were taken from this OST
- SFX: Chainlink fence and helicopter sounds were taken from, with Dog Walking foley being taken from Youtube
Release Information:
Special Features
- Deleted Scenes commentary from Bob Gale
- Alternate Griff Line
Cuts and Additions:
- Added 2 extra shots of the Deloreon flying over Hill Valley 2015, and Doc, Marty and Jennifer reacting
- Added Biff's mechanic telling Biff about the 1955 Manure incident in 2015
- Extended version of 2015 Marty coming home and talking to his family
- Extended version of the Pizza dinner scene
- Added the 2015 seeing Jenifer as she passes out
- Added 2015 Biff coming back and starting to fade out in pain
- Added Marty seeing the ruins of Hill Valley High in 1985A
- Added Marty meeting his brother Dave outside Biff's Pleasure Paradise

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