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FanMix October 29, 2009 8425
Truly a massive labour of love. The amount of work that went into this boggles the mind. Ultimately I feel like it produced the AVP version of “Australia” — a story that is two sub-stories and would have made two perfectly acceptable standalone 90 min movies. Which puts us back where we started with the idea that maybe all that was needed was some fierce red-pen work on the “AvP” films, instead of trying to weld them together. Though the tone of the new story is much more on par with the oppressive weight of the “Alien” franchise (good job), in the final analysis it doesn’t work for me, despite the pluses of getting rid of the teenage-nitwit nonsense from AvP2 and inserting the footage from “Outbreak”. Those two shrewd moves raise that arc of the story quite a bit. Concur about how dark it all seemed. I kept wanting to brighten my screen. Technically a fine effort, something that all fans of the “Alien” and “Predator” flicks should see once. But not something I’ll return to.
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