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This is a fantastic edit.

For me, there were only two things I wanted from it: The added after-credit scenes from Ant-man and the Wasp and Captain Marvel integrated among the dusting scenes, and a seamless transition from Infinity War to Endgame. This edit succeeded in both and went far beyond.

Now, I'm a pers0n that has never been bothered by all the jokes in the original movies. However, I think cutting many of them succeeded in meshing the tone between both movies. In addition, some scene re-arrangements in Infinity War and several cut scenes in early Endgame really made the movies feel more cohesive, well-paced, and like we weren't switching from one movie to the next. It truly felt like one (really long) movie. Which is where all the other cut content really helps, because this thing is a beast in length even with the cuts, I can only imagine how long it would be if all those jokes and scenes were left in, so it was easily the correct choice to trim it.

As someone that has seen the movies multiple times each, I did notice when certain scenes were cut or trimmed, but I think someone unfamiliar with the movies will barely notice any weirdness, as the story flows without missing any key information, the scene transitions are near perfect, and the audio syncs without incident. I definitely recommend this for anyone (re-watching or first-time viewers) looking to just experience the final two Avengers movies as a whole, and don't want to split them with Ant-man and the wasp, and/or Captain Marvel.

This edit is more than worth your time.

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