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Finally watched it!! Ok, now I understand what all the fuss was about, this edit is goddamn brilliant! It's not without its flaws, but it really doesn't matter, you can overlook them easily.

I had one issue with original Infinity War and two with Endgame. All three were addressed in this edit by 90%. I couldn't believe it! My issue with Infinity War was that it was a very serious movie with a shocking ending, but it had a little bit too many humorous scenes in it that were out of place or the jokes didn't land or both. Not all of them, some were actually funny and well placed. The editor simply eliminated this problem for me with his edit. So, Infinity War, check, fixed!

With Endgame I had the same issue as with Infinity War but here it was simply too much. Too many jokes, too much silliness. The second issue was that it was too long, almost three hours, without a reason. You could easily cut almost half an hour and the editor proved that! Granted, you can't fix fat Thor, but, oh well, it is what it is. To explain, there were times that I would prefer simply ending the Infinity Saga with the Infinity War movie than having to watch Endgame again. Not anymore! Endgame, check, fixed!

Besides the brilliant cuts throughout the edit, I really appreciated the fact that he incorporated the extra scenes from Ant-Man and the Wasp, Captain Marvel etc. at the end of Infinity War so you don't have to watch Ant-Man 2 and Captain Marvel in between the two Avengers. I always thought this was a bad move from Marvel, releasing two very mediocre movies in between the two final Avengers, and I always watched them before the Avengers when I was having an MCU marathon. Now, I can still do it but without "ruining" continuity, I simply don't watch the post-credits scenes in those two films. Also, perfect transition from Infinity War to Endgame!

The reason I do not have a 10/10 in editing is because in some scenes, especially when Guardians find Thor in space, the cut is a little bit abrupt. Still prefer it though to all that ridiculous chattering about Thor's muscles etc.! And there are a couple more that you can kind of tell something was cut, but I seriously do not mind at all.

To be honest, I didn't watch it in one sitting, four and a half hours straight is a bit too much, but it doesn't matter, I just watched the two films separately.

So, as you can understand, I most definitely recommend this edit and unless you are a die-hard-purist-MCU fan, I guarantee you it will be your go-to version in future MCU marathons!

Thank you macmilln for all your hard work and thanks to anyone who read my review!

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