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Summary: A fanedit combining Infinity War and Endgame into a single 4 hour experience. It succeeds it making the two films flow faster and making a seamless experience. The highlight being the visual cues to combine the two films as well as some re-arranging of Infinity War scenes to bring Steve Rogers into the film earlier. Yet, I still prefer to watch the two films separately as while the fanedit was solid, it's still too lengthy to be considered one film, it moves even faster when Infinity War in particular needed breathing room, and more importantly, the themes and structure of the two films were entirely different to deserve their own attention.

Film Rating: 4
Fanedit Rating: 3

Long review:
This Fanedit is a two in one mix, combining the two films into one long 4 hour viewing experience. It’s not one I actually committed to watching in one sitting. The edit itself is mostly seamless from an auditory and visual perspective. Some cuts feels more hard than others (mostly the Guardians cuts), the cuts transition from one film to the next are seamless though.

As a film itself, I enjoyed this experience but it’s not a replacement of the two individual films. Let’s talk about what I loved, I loved being able to revisit these films in a quickened and shorter pace. I love the removal of some (but not all) jokes to retain some of the seriousness and dourness of the situation, sometimes Marvel has a tendency to letting too much air out of the balloon when it comes to these things. The transition between the two films is pretty awesome visually, using the Captain Marvel beeper as the unifying factor, admittedly it works very well here and brings her into the fold nicely. Like any fanedit, some cuts were not missed, some were. And obviously I really love these two films so the plot and things are all great. Let me also add, that some of the rearranging really helps bringing Cap and the “On the run” Crew into the fold earlier, making Cap a main player throughout the films rather than a long gap throughout Infinity War that I remember. Also I don’t remember if the original film begins with Thanos and little Gamora, but I liked that as a prologue here.

As for the things that didn’t work for me, I know the intention is to show all of the effects of the snap, but the Ant-Man and the Wasp scene doesn’t work for me, the snap in Infiinity is dour, the whole Ant-man scene (down to its soundtrack is jovial and jokey), so it really doesn’t fit for me here as is. The Hawkeye, and especially the Fury and Hill scenes fit more so. The pacing feels off, and honestly, I feel some of the slower pace, particularly in Infinity War is necessary, it’s such a fast paced movie that we could have used some moments to catch our breath. The Guardians in particular get shafted in this version, as we spend even less time with them, and they’re left off in a different place than the films intended. Also I think the two films just work better as two separate films, Thanos is basically the protagonist/lead character of Infinity War, while Endgame switches to the Avengers, so they work much better as two separate films.

Not replacement worthy but certainly worth a look and probably the best version of a two in one that one can get.

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