Andor: The Rogue One Arc

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Rogue One reformatted and rescored entirely as the finale arc of Andor.
Andor brainrot has had me this past year, it’s genuinely become one of my favorite shows of all time - to the point I joke about being an Andor fan more than I am a fan of Star Wars itself. This edit is kind of an expression of that with a movie I generally really liked - moving its energy from emulating the jaunty, swashbuckling OT, to more in line with its prequel show’s feel.

I do think the elements Andor is rooted in become far more apparent foregrounded to this soundtrack. Where the movie somewhat failed to recapture the energy and excitement of traditional Star Wars (and not for lack of Giacchino effort), the places where it takes itself seriously should now feel at home in a [tonal] context that seriously considers them. It feels stronger as an expansion of the revolution / spy thriller, than as an imitation of the swashbuckling space opera.

If nothing else, it’s just fun to have the show and movie connected via the same musical motifs and format.
Other Sources:
Andor Soundtrack by Nicholas Britell
The King Soundtrack by Nicholas Britell
She Said Soundtrack by Nicholas Britell
The Little Drummer Girl Soundtrack by Jo Yeong-wook
The Expanse Season 2 Soundtrack by Clinton Shorter
Assassin's Creed Unity Soundtrack by Sarah Schachner
Call of Duty Modern Warfare II Soundtrack by Sarah Schachner
Call of Duty Vanguard Soundtrack by Bear McCreary
Elysium Soundtrack by Ryan Amon
The Shamook Deepfakes of Tarkin + Leia
Special Thanks:
snooker ( for the subs and feedback
Chase Adams ( for some sources and feedback
Hal 9000 ( for the feedback
RogueLeader ( for the feedback
futon88 ( for the feedback and approval
Release Information:
Editing Details:
Split into three episodes. Rescored entire film to Britell's Andor soundtrack and other adjacent media OST. Minor trims to dialogue here and there.
Cuts and Additions:
- Starts from the Lah’mu sequence, up to Cassian, Jyn, and co. flying out from the destruction of Jedha City.
- Some of the long opening shots of Krennic flying through space down to the planet are cut. The Andor opening titles are already pretty lengthy and serving the kind of build up those were originally intended for.
- I cut off Jyn’s childhood sequence before Saw comes to find her in the hatch, to facilitate a hard cut time skip transition (similar to the Kenari ones we had of Cassian). Who Saw is to Jyn is elaborated on some scenes later anyway, and the same imagery pops up in a flashback further on too.
- A couple reaction shots of Jyn at the Yavin holotable have been removed/replaced with unused shots from the trailers to facilitate how the scoring is different.
- For similar reasons to the above, removed the pregnant pause in Tarkin’s introduction, trimming some of the more redundant dialogue in the process.
- Removed 2/3 of the Bodhi scenes
- Some egregious easter eggs on Jedha removed.

- Starts from Tarkin taking the Death Star project from Krennic, up to Jyn and Cassian walking onboard the stolen shuttle to go to Scarif.
- Includes Previously On recap of “Jedha”
- Completely cut the Darth Vader scene on Mustafar, moving in its place a later scene where Krennic starts to look over Galen’s communications on Scarif. It was a functionally redundant scene anyway, but it also just doesn’t feel like Andor.

- Starts from Rogue One pulling away from Yavin, up to Jyn and Cassian embracing as they are engulfed in the death cloud.
- Includes Previously On recap of “Stardust”
- Moved Vader / Leia scenes to post-credits

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Full disclosure: I was involved with the approval process for this one, but my input was minimal; just a few suggestions here and there.

With "The Rogue One Arc", NFBisms presents Rogue One as a three part series in the sonic style of Andor. It is, in my opinion, completely effective, with some exceptionally natural music placement. For me, this is the ONLY way to watch Rogue One going forward.


Essentially perfect.


Some may be challenged by the 2.0 presentation, but for me, all that matters is what my two ears experience. The soundstage is wide, the dialog clear, and the music well balanced.


No notes, but the episode recaps seem professionally done, and the montage for Jyn in the first episode is amazing. If you're planning on creating this kind of recap in your edit, studying what NFBisms has done here could be a good starting point.


The film lends itself to a three part narrative. The story isn't tilted far enough to Cassian for it to feel like an "Andor" story, and Jyn still doesn't get enough focus, but this is a challenge with the source material, not the edit.


I've always liked Rogue One, but it never felt quite right. The music is, at times, cringe-inducing for me (the bombastic, "I'm not John Williams, but here's some trumpets" score often feels tone-deaf and disconnected from the story). This edit completely transforms the experience for me.

Strongly recommend, even if you've seen Rogue One a thousand times.

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This edit accomplishes its goal in spades: to present Rogue One as the final few-episode arc of Andor.

An incredible degree of audio work makes for a seamless and transformative feeling. The structure and endpoints of each episode work well. This would have been a mindblowing series finale!
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