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an enjoyable take on the new spider man film, not all the deleted scenes work for me while i liked the inclusion of Peter following Conners and seeing him go into the sewer i feel the scene which was in the film were Peter see's the lizards on the sub-way should have been cut. the deleted scene was an alternative scene so having Peter see Conners and then seeing the lizards and realizing were Conners was hiding seemed a little off to me.

the doorman scene i felt shouldn't have been included as it just slows down the momentum. but the scene between Peter and Conners after his Unckle died along with the death of Rajit Ratha really should have been included in the original cut.

i would have liked to have seen a little more cut to the film (the crane scene for instance) as the movie is a little over long and tends to drag here and there. and i agree with another review as i feel the killer to unckle Ben should have stayed as it original played out. but overall the edit is of good quality and if you enjoy the new spider man films you should check this edit out

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