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(Updated: April 19, 2014)
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I was STOKED when I saw someone had made an edit of this flick, but that's because I hate the original cut of this movie.

Paper thin plot that at times jumps around for no rhyme or reason, complete with off the wall childish humor that doesn't at all fit the tone that the film was marketed with, much less the tone of the majority of the film. It's hard for me to get behind a film that has Capt Stacy getting run through and Peter Parker BREAKING THE BACKBOARD (WTF was that). For me this borders on a Jar Jar Binks level of humor that doesn't fit the rest of the film. Also, for me, the whole crane thing at the end is ridiculous........

But that's neither here nor there, since I'm reviewing SamSpider's edit and not the actual film. And I will say that taking into account Sam wanted to make a movie he already liked better, he did a fine job in that respect.

I LOVED the integration of the POV from the trailer. I was very disappointed when it was sped up in the theatrical release. Fun sequence now!

I dug the efforts to give Peter a reason to become Spiderman. He just kind of does it in the theatrical cut with no real motivation. The scene with Connors and Peter outside Peter's home should have been in the theatrical cut. It baffles me that it wasn't and was very happy to see it here. Liked the integration of Uncle Ben's "this monologue is written to say with great power comes great responsibility without actually saying with great power comes great responisibility". Solid work.

Thank God "I've been bitten" is on the cutting room floor, along with Peter DENTING THE GOALPOST WITH A FOOTBALL. I laughed in the theater for all the wrong reasons.

Now there were a couple negatives I had as far as the edit itself.

I liked that Peter wasn't looking for Ben's killer, so Sam cut him checking for the star tattoo on the thugs...but it left me wondering why the cop mentioning the tattoo wasn't removed as well. Now its just kind of this unnecessary exposition.

Really nit picky now, but if Peter doesn't go into the sewers to get pictures for the Daily Bugle, why does he bring his camera?

In conclusion, Sam liked this movie, and made it better. If you feel the same, check it out!

But if you really didn't like the original cut this isn't for you.

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Owner's reply April 20, 2014

Hi. Thank you so much for leaving a review.

I want to answer your questions.

1) I left the police explaining about the tattoo because it was an important key. It lets know Peter and the audience that Peter could have done something for his uncle, but he is dead because he did not want to stop the thief. It was all his fault, and a better motivation to make strong the words of his uncle "if you could do good things for other people, you have a moral obligation to do those things".

2) Peter brings the camera in order to get evidence to the police. I mean, it sounds more spontaneous than just going to the sewers just because he wanted the reward. Kind of douchey.

But anyways, thanks again for watching :D

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April 21, 2014
1) Right. But couldn't all of that come across by just keeping the shot of the murderer's face and not mentioning the tattoo that is never brought up before or after?

2) I understood the daily bugle was completely removed and I too hated that he only went down for the reward in the original film, but why keep the camera at all then? Those shots could be removed. I suppose the ultimate answer is then Conors would have to find out Peter is Spiderman some other way, and that footage doesn't exist.
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