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FanMix January 18, 2023 2286
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This edit of the Alien movie was nearly the perfect version of it. The audio quality was solid and consistent the entire movie. The editor really nailed it here with the color corrections along with using the theatrical version of shots to maintain consistent quality throughout. I definitely did not notice anything off here. Well done here.

It was an excellent choice to add in more content from the theatrical edition while cutting portions of the director's cut. This helped improve both the narrative and increase my enjoyment.

On the flip side, I do partially agree with another reviewer that the cocoon scene was best left out of the movie. Personally, I actually really like the scene myself. However, the placement in the movie is very disruptive to the pacing. Ripley is supposed to think she is alone and trying to escape from a ship about to explode. This would would not be the best moment for her to come to a complete stop.

Other elements I would have liked to see were some of the more extended shots from the the theatrical edition that were removed from the director's cut. Other than those minor issues, the edit itself is effectively flawless and maximizes the potential of the movie.

I want to thank darksteel1335 for sharing this edit with me. This will be my go-to version going forward and I do recommend others to give this a chance - particularly those who are interested in a hybrid version of the theatrical and director's cut.

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