Alien 3: Third Cut

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Alien 3: Third Cut
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This uses The Assembly Cut as it's base and introduces Theatrical Cut elements that I have a preference for. I also attempt to clean up the colour and contrast imbalances in certain composite shots. I also add extra FX for dramatic effect in places, to improve visually on the original or to technically facilitate differences in lighting between the 2 versions when using footage for the same scenes.
There was a distinct reduction of drama in a particular replacement scene that the Assembly Cut used to over rule it's Theatrical predecessor. It was flat and lame and undid some truly excellent work by Terry Rawlings - Even though the shot order stayed the same, the elements present weren't what he was inspired to work with at first. So I switched that back and luckily for us all, the rest of the Assembly Cut was excellent and it was vital to giving the film some extra character depth, intrigue and vibrancy. I always really liked the film, but in this hybrid form now it has all the elements together that makes it feel rounded for me.
Other Sources: by Loki3D
Smoke FX clips from hong thuong HD You Tube channel.

Special Thanks:
Loki3D You Tube channel
hong thuong HD You Tube channel.
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Editing Details:
All changes are all listed in some detail on my Alien 3 thread listed above. All work was done using Premiere and After Effects, also using a little smoke and fire FX samples from the You Tubers listed above.
Cuts and Additions:
I recently got round to loading the project drives for a third time with this again and finishing off some visual FX - Alien drool in the infirmary & adding an arcing torch flare to Golic's dragon hallucination. Then outputting a good quality intermediate to encode in HEVC. The only other addition that might not have been in my original project notes is putting the scene back into the Assembly Cut where David says "This was 'er Idea!" the rest is covered in my main thread.

This was my first ever edit back in 2011, so it's nice to draw a line under it.
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