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Extended Edition November 30, 2007 4368
(Updated: July 17, 2012)
I was one of the few who went against the masses and really liked this movie when it came out. What you have done here is pretty good, I’m a sucker for an extended version. My only problems were with some audio not being cleaned up (I understand how hard that can be) and some audio segues that I remember from the original were broken up by the additional scenes (one example is when Morse says “What kind of animal would do this to a dog?” and it then it cuts to the extra footage of Ripley, and Clemens walking down the spiral stairs. The music builds up, then dies off, then builds up again. In the original it segues straight into the Autopsy scene). One other thing (and this is not a problem with your version at all) the CG alien still looks “drawn on” to the film. I’d like to see a fanedit with this issue resolved, so thats my only real reason for giving this an 8. Very good, better than the ox version (although i did enjoy that too).
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