49 & 51 First Dates

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49 & 51 First Dates
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These are 2 alternate versions of the surprisingly good 50 FIRST DATES. 49 First Dates removes almost all the over-the-top, childish, embarrassing, lame moments and gives you a romantic and very funny comedy at its best. 51 First Dates on the other hand is the ultimate extended edition, which includes 5 additional great scenes. Unforgettable.
I still don’t know, why I watched the original movie at all, because the plot sounded ridiculously stupid, yet I did and was really surpised. The movie is highly entertaining and comes with a lot emotional and very well acted scenes and a quite clever and touching plot. Instead of making just fun of memory loss diseased people, it really took its time to show the suffering involved and was most of the times very well balanced between just being a comedy and dramtatic elements. Unlike most works of Adam Sandler this one is not plain superficial and the chemistry between Sandler and Barrymore works really well. Still, when I watched it for the second time, the mass of cheesy elements turned me off, the pipi-kaka humor, the anti homosexual attitude, the superficial scenes that only aimed for a meaningless quick laughter. I had the idea to fanedit this movie for a long time, but considered the project ot minor to be executed. But then I took a look at the deleted scenes and had the idea to not just present my true fanedit, which I consider a huge improvement over the original, but also an extended edition, featuring some good scenes that did not make it to the official final cut.
This fanedit is supposed to be the all-you-can get supersize edition for all fans of this movie. I recommend the true fanedit, but also think the extended edition is a nice one to enjoy once.
Additional Notes:
Technical issues: While the true fanedit works really well, the extended edition is a bit rough at times. I tried my best to include the deleted scenes, which came in a diferent AR in with way lower quality than the original movie (some scenes had no or a different score, had different coloring, were way darker – I rescaled them, deinterlaced them, brightened and recolored them and also added new score and sound effects where I found them fitting), but the result is not near 100%. The first version of this edit came as dual layer, but it seems most people hate these. So I experimented with DVD Rebuilder and got something appropriately working. It does not look perfect, but for the comedy it is, the image and audio quality are good. Try to not let your entertainment be spoiled by this.
Special Thanks:
Winnie, Lena; Nono, the great FE staff and the fabulous FE community
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49 First Dates:

This removes plentyof the over-the-top moments and flat jokes to create a more to the point romantic comedy. It treats the memory loss disease with more respect and is also less anti homosexual. Kids will probably prefer the roiginal or extended version, grown ups will probably much prefer this.

51 First Dates:

This is the ultimate extended edition. It contains 4 of the 5 deleted scenes that came with the DVD. These scenes are really good and add to the movie, instead of just extending the runtime. For this to work it was necessary to move one scene to a different position: when Adam Sandler sings “Forgetful Lucy” the scene is placed after they had their first sex. The deleted scene “Second Wind” kind of implies that no sex happened yet. So I moved the song before the first sex scene and it works pretty well there.
Cuts and Additions:
The changes:
49 First Dates:

- removed the entire beginning in which girls (and Kevin James) talk about Henry’s qualities as a lover and one night stand.
- removed Ula discussing love and affairs with Henry
- removed the Walrus’ vomiting scene.
- removed Alexa’s approach on Henry
- removed Ula’s stitch bleeding again
- removed Alexa in the bar
- removed Alexa’s advice for Henry to still approach Lucy
- removed the Whitmores and Henry entering the clinic and being approached by a stupid male nurse.
- removed Dr. Keats mentioning Ten Seconds Tom
- removed the Whitmores and Henry meeting Ten Seconds Tom
- removed Jennifer from the beach party
- removed Henry talking to the Walrus about its affairs
- removed the kids and Ula jumping into the sea
- removed 2 patients discussing their disease
- removed Ten Seconds Tom meeting Henry on the stairs
- removed Ten Seconds Tom interrupting Henry and Lucy
- removed the walrusses formt he final scene.
- changed end credits

51 First Dates:

- added “Good Samaritian: when Henry waits for Lucy to pretend he has car trouble, another guy stops to help out and Henry needs to get rid of him. Quite a funny scene.
- added “Encouraging Response”: Henry approaches Lucy in the cafe again with another try, this time speaking in funny 3rd person orders. Lucy reacts well. A very nice and funny scene. Difficutly was where to put it. In the end there was only one possibility, just before another almost successful cafe approach. It feels a bit hacked, but the scene is great.
- added “Lucy’s Anger”: when her condition is revealed to Lucy she totally freaks out. It is a pretty strong scene, that unfortunately came with very different music and no sound to some scenes. I tired my best to include it, but it still feels a bit out of place. Still, a worthy addition for the seriousity.
- added “Lucy’s 2nd wind”: Henry is supposed to keep an eye on Lucy, while she is upstairs and suppsoed to sleep. She gets her 2nd wind and they have fun with each other. A very nice scene, but difficult to put in, because it plays directly after Henry sings “Forgetful Lucy”, but didn’t make sense there plotwise for being pre-sex.
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Only watched 49 First Dates as the Adam Sandler humor is what ruined an otherwise sweet movie.

Technically, I could detect no errors at all. There was one instance where Henry Roth wasn’t present, his arrival wasn’t shown to the location wasn’t shown and so he just sort of appeared in the background, but it wasn’t that noticeable and it did not detract.

Story-wise, I felt the edits served the story very well. I would’ve like to have seen some of Henry’s womanizing left in at the beginning. I don’t know that his date later in the movie would have worked, but the opening womanizing set up his character nicely. I can certainly see why it was left out – too cutesy rom-com. But in a movie that is already high-concept and breezy in direction, this extra bit feels not out of place, if appropriately de-Sandler-ized. I also wouldn’t have minded the cursing by the Japanese man at the diner removed. Without the other Sandler coarseness, his old man cussing routine felt out of place. And perhaps even less Rob Schneider. Less Rob Schneider is always a good thing.

The original script for this movie was remarkably light on Walrus barf jokes and this edit did a remarkable job of getting back to the original intention of the screenwriter. By excising all that crap, it revealed a very lovely movie underneath.

10/10 for 49 First Dates
No rating for 51 First Dates
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I watched 49 First Dates, having not yet seen the original movie. I must say first of all, there was no point in which I saw an unnatural edit, it felt like this was the movie as it was always intended. Plus, it really did work as a romantic comedy. I just looked again for the list of scenes that have been removed, and I’m highly pleased to have seen your version before the original.
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I am an extended edition buff and have a big collection of original ones and all the fanedits from here.
Many extended editions do not add anything to the movie, just add more useless scenes. I will rate the ones here.
Rating criteria: image quality, sound quality, 3x improvement, overall.
Image Quality: 8 of 10
Sound Quality: 9 of 10
Improvement: 4 of 10
Overall: 6 of 10 for the EE / not rated because I did not watch the true fanedit.
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