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Only watched 49 First Dates as the Adam Sandler humor is what ruined an otherwise sweet movie.

Technically, I could detect no errors at all. There was one instance where Henry Roth wasn’t present, his arrival wasn’t shown to the location wasn’t shown and so he just sort of appeared in the background, but it wasn’t that noticeable and it did not detract.

Story-wise, I felt the edits served the story very well. I would’ve like to have seen some of Henry’s womanizing left in at the beginning. I don’t know that his date later in the movie would have worked, but the opening womanizing set up his character nicely. I can certainly see why it was left out – too cutesy rom-com. But in a movie that is already high-concept and breezy in direction, this extra bit feels not out of place, if appropriately de-Sandler-ized. I also wouldn’t have minded the cursing by the Japanese man at the diner removed. Without the other Sandler coarseness, his old man cussing routine felt out of place. And perhaps even less Rob Schneider. Less Rob Schneider is always a good thing.

The original script for this movie was remarkably light on Walrus barf jokes and this edit did a remarkable job of getting back to the original intention of the screenwriter. By excising all that crap, it revealed a very lovely movie underneath.

10/10 for 49 First Dates
No rating for 51 First Dates
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I watched 49 First Dates, having not yet seen the original movie. I must say first of all, there was no point in which I saw an unnatural edit, it felt like this was the movie as it was always intended. Plus, it really did work as a romantic comedy. I just looked again for the list of scenes that have been removed, and I’m highly pleased to have seen your version before the original.
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3 results - showing 1 - 3