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While the X-MEN did make a cameo in Deadpool 2, could Deadpool make a cameo in Phoenix and have it work to save the timeline? For me the answer was no.

Audio/Video Quality: 8/10
For a 720p video the quality of the video was to be expected. There seemed to be some artifact noises during added credit scenes that were possibly due to a lower fidelity than the other footage/audio.
Visual Editing: 7/10
As the only visual editing is really the additional scenes, I would have hoped they were color corrected to match the palette of Phoenix. It was pretty clear when the inserted scenes were playing.
Audio Editing: 6/10
As mentioned, there are some transitions when the Deadpool footage is inserted that are jarring. The biggest one is during the second inserted scene. The audio leading in isn't as noticeable, but the audio as it goes back into the Phoenix footage is pretty abrupt. During the added credits scene, the audio of the Deadpool 2 and Phoenix space scenes clash pretty hard and then the Phoenix audio drops out suddenly. The song also jumps forward abruptly not shortly later. After these additional scenes the Celine Dion song was also very loud compared to the soundtrack mix of the movie.
Narrative: 5/10
I didn't care for the original narrative of this movie, so that does naturally impact the rating here, but the insertion of the Deadpool 2 footage makes the narrative feel convoluted as it didn't really flow with the plot of the movie itself and added in material without context.
Enjoyment: 5/10
As just stated, I didn't care for this movie originally so my enjoyment factor didn't rise at all. I didn't personally care for the added material as it made this instantly an R-rated outing, but was curious to see if the idea of going back in time would work. Unfortunately there isn't enough context as to what the two girls give Wade at the end of the movie so it's more that you have to know what he's talking about, which many do, but if you don't you don't understand why Deadpool is doing anything at the end or why you are rewatching what seem like cut up scenes of the beginning of Phoenix. I'm a huge stickler for audio editing and the credits scenes just felt pretty jumbled and needed some more work done on them.

This edit was an interesting idea, but it just didn't work for me as the inserted footage wasn't really integrated into the plot of the film, but rather was added in because it shared characters and/or a similar setting.
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