WTTV Channel 1 New York Presents the Prowler

WTTV Channel 1 New York Presents the Prowler
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read below, but 20 mins removed and other stuff restored in it’s place
Brief Synopsis:
What we have here is a companion piece to my older fan edit called “Tranzor’s the thing: Late night tv edit”
This is a slightly different (but in theme) nostalgic take on an 80′s film. This was made to hopefully bring some of you back in time to the older days of when we had many local television stations before they were mostly all wiped out (let’s say 1960′s to the early 80′s). This edit emulates viewing a rather crappy film print (common on locals) on one of those stations that someone is recording on a vcr. Complete with commercials (that span the decades of the 1950s- to the early 1980′s), station logos and more. All in glorious 16×9 to please the current set of HD TV owners!!!!!
Additional Notes:
***This edit is geared more towards those in the US and for the older crowd in the mid to late 30′s (and beyond), who are old enough to recall those days of television. This is not saying that those overseas will not enjoy the edit, but that they might not get the full nostalgic value that those in the US would (or hopefully should). Please do not let this bit of cultural bias affect your choice in viewing my edit. I think many of you will enjoy it on some level or another. The goal here is to entertain and for others, in addition to being entertaining, travel back in time to the good old days.
Release Information:
Special Features
1. 3 wonderful (and perfect for Halloween) hidden dvd Easter eggs**
2. Full audio commentary by Tranzor
3. Prowler merchandise
And many more!!!

** Just wanted it to be known that one of the easter eggs was made with a 352×480 picture size. THIS IS WELL WITHIN the dvd standard, BUT a few players (for some odd reason, incl older Pioneers) have trouble handeling that size. If said Easter egg displays funny on your tv, It is NOT a problem with anything I did, but rather a problem with your equipment not being able to properly display the valid ntsc pic size 352×480.
Editing Details:
I took the 1981 Joseph Zito slasher horror film the Prowler and altered it to look and feel
like an older film using a two step encoding process. The film now has a “creepy old sepia look with the traditional poor film print noise (not over doing it)”. I then edited it down roughly 20 mins and removed anything that would not fly on television back then, as well as items for pacing
and some scenes in which the director of the film in looking back would have removed/shortened (like the telephone call scene).

For those of you that loved my edit for the Thing, this takes that and instead of giving you that late night tv feeling, provides for you that late in the afternoon movie feel on some day during the week (more so a tribute to the ABC 4:30 movie).
Cuts and Additions:

MANY cuts and too numerous to list, but some examples are:
1. Added AIP logo at the beginning with sound from the game Night trap
2. Telephone call scene greatly shortened (dir’s own wishes)
3. Some shots were altered, reversed, substituted for others and in a few cases digitally censored for television
4. Many scenes also had the audio manipulated to fit the cuts made
5. footage that was removed were replaced by commercials and such
Cover art by Tranzor (DOWNLOAD HERE)

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October 31, 2010 @ 1:32 am

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November 3, 2010 @ 6:10 pm

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November 15, 2010 @ 4:40 am

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October 12, 2011 @ 4:52 pm

I watched this last night and was pretty impressed. The editing was fun but sadly the film is really bad. I felt like FF’ing to get to the next commercial! I wasn’t sure why you chose to make it B&W, but it looked OK though. Some of the commercials didn’t seem to fit with the film, as they were from varying decades, and the graphics you created looked too modern and clean, I felt. That said, the line you added to that definitely creepy life-size doll was excellent! Loved the trailers – I want to see ‘Space Marines’! – and I’ll have to check out the easter eggs as they sound fun. All-in-all, a fun viewing.
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March 20, 2011 @ 11:40 pm

A very entertaining take of this movie.
Good pace, good fear, good laughs :)

The aging process is effective; I liked the “auto levels” that makes things sundenly dark or bright, it really gives not only a sens of an old print of the movie, but it aslo adds a felling of tension and insecurity (if that make sens).

I’m french so I did not know any of the commercials, but they were good fun… and sometime as scary than the movie itself, haha (damn, that child-size doll was creepy!).

I did not listen to the commentary yet but I love when faneditors do those kind of extra work.

Easily a 9/10 from me.
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