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The only time I've ever had anything negative to say about a Bobson edit! Look, this is a very good movie made even better by the Director's Cut, which Bobson uses as his base. (My thoughts on the film are here: All the little bits that Bobson has edited back in are seamless and enjoyable, so I can't fault him for that.

The big problem is that the edit isn't finished really. There are LARGE chunks of this film in Japanese, including a great many scenes wholly between two or more Japanese characters, so it's not a question of "the protagonist can't understand what they're saying so neither can we." No, we are meant to be getting information in these scenes, sometimes exposition, sometimes character development, sometimes drama. And there are no subtitles for any of them, so good luck with that. It's essentially like taking about 15-20% of the movie out. My Japanese is passable enough that I caught most of what they were saying, but I doubt many other viewers will be in the same position, and they shouldn't have to be. And unfortunately you can't just get the subtitles for the Director's Cut because they won't match up due to the various edits.

It's really the only complaint I have, but it's a substantial one. Though, if we really want to have a "Fully Unleashed" Wolverine, I'd prefer a couple small trims to make him less PG-13 friendly. Simply cut out the 2 seconds after Logan throws the guy off the building so that we don't see there's a pool. Cut the brief exchange with the Silver Samurai where Logan decides to simply walk away. These are obvious forced additions to make him more of a "Hollywood good guy", and the film would be better if it just stuck to executing his own sense of justice and morality. However, even with this as just a pure Extended Edition, I unfortunately can't recommend anyone watch this edit until subs are added to it. You'd be missing too much of the film, and you should just watch the Director's Cut DVD/BD instead. I hope Bobson figures out how to do this or gets help from someone else so that I can update this review later. I'd then happily give it top marks.

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May 12, 2021
If you want the foreign subtitles, feel free to DM me. I worked with Bobson to create a subtitle file for this edition.
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