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Wolfman Super 8 Collection, The
August 16, 2012    
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November 7, 2011 @ 2:29 am

Rogue offers us a double bill of Wolfmen action with his Super 8 collection.

Both segments run about 17 minutes so go by incredibly fast. The stories center strictly around the Wolfmen so are extremely easy to follow.

The 1941 part is a lot of fun but special congratulations are in order for the second part; Rogue managed to edit something modern into a believable 40s style Super 8 film. Through the “dirtying” of the film of course but also in the way his edits are made; not only by his condensing of the film to its new 17 minutes run time but also in the micro-editing. His attention to detail to the editing techniques of the time is remarkable. I was thoroughly impressed and had incredible fun watching it.


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