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To be honest its been ages since I watched the originals after they started going downhill. And are yet still in the process of crashing and burning. Netflix is such a mixed bag. I did watch the first series (represented beautifully here in 'The Last Wish') a good few times though. It mostly appears to be intact and is not missing out on anything to my mind although I do sense some pace adjustments and trimmings here and there.

Renfrey came across alot more strongly, as did Dandelion. In fact all the characters seemed somewhat stronger. Maybe thanks to the brilliant musical scoreing (garnered from the video game). Some people like to quibble over overly overt soundtracks although Im not one of those. Music is the food of love... No? I only wonder if some environmental sound effects might be worth throwing in. Wind and rain, thunder, birds tweeting. Some of the breaks in the music are somewhat harsh!!

My main thoughts are that even though the movie keeps good pace and scenes weave together well enough. What it needs is some interlude screens. We are only ever going to get a broken version of this show. Might as well as break it up properly. Inspiration for what needs to be in these interlude screens escapes me at this moment. I do not know the books. Maybe even some original exerpts, plot overviews, something to linger on between acts. To read or not to read!?! Can we get in some mention of Kaer Morhen and Witcher history? Some information on the regions Geralt is passing through? Something for the action to stand on.

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