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'The Witcher' is saved. I'm doing a 999 call now I know Gieferg is on the case. Being honest I only watched this series once and all I remember is the Eskel horror show and the rest was just a blur as I slipped into a gloomy malaise. Watching this I had not read the list of changes and was apprehensive that the defilement of Kaer Morhen and Witcherdom in general was going to be an unavoidable feature. Now I see it is already mentioned I feel it is okay to do a spoiler and say that whole calamitous scenario is done away with and its like Eskel heads straight off out on another hunt... where the majority of Witchers are... gathering specimens..... Yes!!

The elves and blood are prominent storifics in the plotline. To someone who has not read the books this looks like a coherent, well put together dramatization. Only one or two obvious moments of forced dialogue alterations, and choppyness here and there but these are all welcome traits of a good fan-edited piece of work and are actually high points - mid-digits fully extended at Netflix here ;()

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