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I'll start by saying that I'm a fan of The Witcher book series and a frustrated viewer of the show. Season One was good in parts, tolerable in others. Season Two is where the wheels came off. Gieferg therefore had their work cut out in trying to extract something worthwhile from this. I am pleased to say that their efforts where remarkably successful. Many of the most egregious plot elements have been removed and there is an overall narrative to follow. The material removed means that there is often a dearth of action in terms of monster fights, but the edit is successful in moving the story forward in a coherent way and it will be my chosen way to watch season two going forward. TV to movie adaptions are notoriously challenging, and a rubbish season of TV to movie edit is even more so. Gieferg has done a great job. You could nit pick over a few audio edits here and there, but the overall standard of editing is high and they have creatively built a movie from book-accurate plot elements and things that keep the spirit of the books intact. Looking forward to seeing what can be done with season three.

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