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FanFix August 16, 2012 2013
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This one of those rare fan edits I like to rewatch a couple of times a year.
Not because it is brilliant masterpiece but just because it is a enjoyable, popcorn fan edit.

It is a straight forward cut job, restructuring a few scenes, cutting of silly subplots but the end result is a fun, well done, escapist low budget space opera. A vast improvement over the original.

The original WING COMMANDER was an average movie at best, it had some enjoyable moments but they were often lost or overshadowed by some of the more juvinile soap elements.

This fan edit had thankfully removed all the romance and focuses solely on the impending invasion of Earth and the valiant efforts of the crew of TIGERCLAW to slow down the invaders. This is basically a classic World War II B-Movie in space. And it works pretty well.

The audio and video edits are very good. I did not notice any audio glitches and the all the cuts worked very well. If I had one thing to criticize, I would have definitely edited out "The Kiss" at the end of the movie. With all other romance elements having been excised from the movie, it just seemed jarringly out of place to me.

All in all, a definite improvement over the original. THUMBS UP!

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