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War of the Stars 2 - The Future in Motion is another stellar fan edit from Mask, which only suffers because its inevitable comparision to its predecessor, War of the Stars.

In the original, Mask's heavy use of degraded footage allowed for the inclusion of imperfect video and sound in all editing choices and extra footage. Here, a more serious attempt at filmmaking is approached so when extra footage is markedly bad, it is jarring, not charming.

This film also suffers due to it's run time. Yes, the original movies all hover at about 2 hours. But here, the narrative has too many crests and valleys as it transitions from the Episode 5 material to Episode 6.

These complaints though, are really the only substaintial faults that can be leveled against this. Outside of them, the film is amazing.

Mask has done a brilliant job weaving dialog, scenes and nearly 100 unique special effects shots to create yet another ingenious reimagining of Star Wars. Suprises present themselves from its opening sequence all the way to the closing moments of the movie. This is truly indicative of the magic that comes with fan editing as scenes we're all familiar with become innudated with new meaning. I imagine that had Lucas had the same ideas Mask has had, maybe we'd have a different Star Wars altogether.

Like War of the Stars, this film isn't meant to replace one's OT of Star Wars, but it is a must-have compliment to it.

I know that, 6 or so years from now, looking back at Episodes 7, 8 and 9, I'll be thinking about what creative spin Mask is going to mold out of it all. And...I'll be looking forward to watching it!

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