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This is, possibly, my favorite fan edit of all time. (It gets stiff competition from Slark's Doc Savage, but that's another story for another day.)

Beyond being a great edit, it is also a fantastic film in it's own right. It takes everything that is good about the Star Wars universe and mashes it up against everything that is good about bloody, messy, self-indulgent cinema.

Without giving too much away, Bobba Fett plays a much bigger role in this film than he did in the originals, and that's Awesome.

There were a few scenes where the Audio was different enough from the vocals to be distracting, but not distracting enough to detract from my enjoyment of the film. A conversation between Luke and Yoda comes to mind, but it is easy enough to overlook. In fact the only real moment that suffers heavily from this is Leah's last line. ("It's not like that")

I can live with the flaws, and I've seen worse in commercial movies (especially when they try to bowdlerize expletives for television) so I won't dock him too many points for that.

The story itself is fresh. It is surprising, it catches your attention. Some of the choices that were made are so inspired that I found myself wondering why Lucas hadn't done them to begin with.

Simply put, this edit took some of my favorite moments from the history of cinema and combined them in a way that makes perfect sense, to tell a dark and gruesome story that left me wanting more.

And the ending, well, that was a hell of a punch.

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