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*Nothing in this review is meant as a personal attack on the editor. This is just one viewer’s opinions on this fanedit*


As usual I’ve avoided reading any reviews for this edit. I followed the In-the-Works thread but didnt know much more going in then that there were going to be deleted scenes reincorporated and special effects added by TMBTM.

So I went in with War of the Stars: A New Hope Grindhoused not fresh in my mind at all! (having watched it only once quite a while back). It was nice to have a brief recap at the beginning. And then bam right away, this is not your average Star Wars movie! Awesome effects work and using old anakins face instead of Hayden Christensan!

All the Dagobah scenes were probably my favorite part of the edit. Changing Han and the Millenium Falcon to having light speed (instead of the “no light speed” and cloaking device talk) was very cool.

Effects work: I can only imagine how much time and effort went into all these effects so all I can say is great work. I did feel that some worked better than others. I was most blown away by old anakin on the operating table and Boba Fett in the dining room at Bespin (with the removal of Darth Vader from the scene). Also really liked the effect with Darth Vader eyes and the warped screen effect when Darth Vader was doing force chokes. And nice to see Ian McDiarmid in the hologram in place of the other actor who they used as the Emperor in ESB.

Voice/Dialogue replacement: For me this was hit or miss. There was some great Yoda stuff. i.e. the change in where “that is why you fail” comes in. And there were some that luckily enough matched perfectly (or you did effects work with the lip movements). Other places I understand dialogue replacement was necessary to the story you were setting out to tell, but it did take me out of the experience a bit but I commend you at trying out changing the lip movements with effects.

Music: The 80s style guitar rock stuff was kinda cool, and definitely gave a different feel to the Hoth scene with Luke riding the Taun Taun. But part of me didn’t like the jumping around of the music from Star Wars themes to rock to Gustav Holst (although they all worked well).

Deleted Scenes: I know that the original source/conditions of most of the scenes were not that great and TMBTM did the best he could so I can’t fault him on the quality of the scene. For the most part I liked the inclusion of the deleted scenes.

Some effects and/or deleted scenes that didnt work for me were a few in Jabba’s Palace. Although having Luke and Leia (disguised in bounty hunter geat) did look really great. But mostly the thermal detonator rolling on the ground and Boba Fett appearing to look out of a door way at Leia and Luke, these shots just didn’t look that great to me.

Entertainment wise this edit was a blast to watch. Maybe the most fun I’ve had watching a fanedit just seeing how TMBTM changed the storyline of Star Wars so cleverly and creatively!

So rating this is rather tricky. I rarely give 10s (I’ve only rated two edits 10s). But again as mentioned above in my review, some of the voice replacement didn’t work for me, some of the new effects and added shots didn’t work for me. And while there’s no rule that says the tone has to be consistent in any movie, in my personal opinion the edit would have benefited from being a bit more consistent in tone. It felt sort of all over the place, and maybe that’s what TMBTM was going for.

I give this a 9/10 A very entertaining edit and very very creative from an editing and storytelling standpoint.
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