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TV-to-Movie August 15, 2012 2293
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g1orkatsos had warned me before diving in that this was his first edit and not representative of what he is currently capable of. For a first time editor, this is very good fanedit, but not without fault. Overall, this is a worthwhile edit for fans of the show/zombie genre, but as a straight up movie it didn't do much for me. My biggest issue with the edit is the running time. 3 hours and 20 minutes is way too long. Far too much time was spent straying from what should have been the crux of the edit (reuniting Rick with his family and getting to the CDC). The whole Hunt for Merle was really unnecessary, especially since the audience never finds out what happened to him. There was also a lot of sceen time spent on characters that were not essential to the plot. If 45 minutes to an hour were cut, I think this edit would have been great. The video quality was great, but the blend transitions felt out of place. The audio editing was good, but not unnoticeable.

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