Underworld Temptation: Remastered

Underworld Temptation: Remastered

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Underworld Temptation: Remastered
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2003 / 2009
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Brief Synopsis:
This is a remasterization of TMBTM's fanedit "Underworld Temptation" released in 2011 (Which was itself an edit combining 'Underworld' and 'Underworld III', with the music of 'Within Temptation').
With TMBTM's permission... To enhance the video quality of his fanedit "Underworld Temptation". To move it from DVD quality, to Blu-Ray quality.
Additional Notes:
Original 2011 TMBTM fanedit ifdb listing
It won 'Favourite Edit of the Month' in August 2011.
Other Sources:
For the original fanedit, TMBTM used many songs from 'Within Temptation's albums to date (Most of them re-edited, or shortened).
Special Thanks:
Of course, I must thank TMBTM. Without his 2011 fanedit, this remasterization work would not exist. TMBTM also thanks; Dwight Fry and Blueyoda for their useful feedback on the original workprint!
Release Information
Editing Details:
- The source materials are now from the Blu-Ray.
- Some scenes, which were a bit choppy due to changes in their time line, have been smothered.
- In order to get more natural colors both movies, "Underworld 1 & 3", have been color corrected.
- A character has been digitally removed from a scene to avoid a continuity problem.
- Added a Spanish subtitle track.
Cuts and Additions:
None. This is a remasterization work. Regarding cuts and additions it's virtually identical to TMBTM's original fanedit.

Remaster Comparison Video

TMBTM's original Teaser Trailer

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